8 Environmentally Friendly Gifts for the Holidays

Fun and Sustainable Gifts Made from Recycled Materials

Now more than ever, shoppers are concerned with how the products they buy affect the world. But when the holidays roll around, people often forget about gifts made from recyclable materials. This season give a gift that won’t only impress your friends and family, but Mother Nature as well. Help save our landfills and protect the earth—buy your loved ones environmentally friendly gifts this year.

  1. Eco-Friendly Straws
    Every day, Americans use half a billion straws—and most of them end up in the ocean. Join the Be Straw Free campaign, and get everyone on your list a pack of metal straws. Consider also buying silicone tips for those in your life who indulge in hot beverages.
  2. Biodegradable Phone Cases
    Whether your loved ones prefer Apple or Android, Pela’s compostable phone cases are a stylish and earth-friendly alternative to traditional cases. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, Pela cases can quickly become the new normal among your friends and family.
  3. Imperfect Produce Subscription
    It may seem odd, but groceries could be the best gift you buy your loved ones this holiday season. Every year, we throw away billions of pounds of produce that don’t meet grocery store standards. Imperfect Produce is changing this and giving a home to unattractive produce everywhere. Save everyone on your list time and money with this unique gift.
  4. ‘Green’ Backpacks
    Give the students in your life a brand-new backpack sourced from recyclable materials. There’s a variety of biodegradable backpacks available, such as ones made from rubber, leather, bamboo, plastic bottles, and even old billboard signs. These repurposed products will get anyone excited to head back to school after winter break.
  5. Recycled Bamboo Household Items
    Bamboo is used to make a variety of items. Help furnish the homes of your friends and family this year with recycled bamboo products.
  6. Environmentally Safe Baby Toys
    If you’re shopping for little ones, get them some eco-friendly toys. Kids will love these special items, and you can trust that they’re safe for them as well. You can easily purchase environmentally conscious toys online, but don’t forget to check out the mom-and-pop stores in your area.
  7. Repurposed Sports Memorabilia
    Creator Ward Wallau and his team take nostalgic artifacts and turn them into something that can live on to tell a story. Get your friends and family game-day accessories repurposed from old professional sports uniforms, stadium seats, baseball bats, and more.
  8. Personal Care Products
    There are plenty of vegan, eco-friendly personal care products available. Help others feel their best with earth-friendly makeup, skincare, and toiletries. You can even find subscription boxes that will send all-natural products to gift recipients, giving them a little bit of everything.

All these environmentally friendly gifts help keep our landfills free of unnecessary waste. Every gift made from recycled materials that’s listed here is curated with love in mind. They’re thoughtful and practical—they’re gifts that keep on giving.