Affiliate Spotlight: John’s Inspiring Health Journey

John’s inspiring transformation❗️Our Planet Fam affiliate @secondsunwellness has had quite the health journey, and we are grateful to be apart of it 🌱  This journey isn’t necessarily about the physical, but the MENTAL transformation that occurred. ⠀

“I realized that I was worth SOOO much more than the unhealthy foods I was consuming & the low vibe lifestyle I was living. I trusted and knew that my health needed to become a priority. Year 1 & 2 into my journey I lost 100 lbs following a predominately plant-based lifestyle. Year 3 to currently- I have taken it up a notch 🔝 I went fully vegan in 2015 & never looked back. Thanks to organic superfoods like Chocolate Magic, my health is at an all-time high & I’m able to vibrate at a higher level.”

One of John’s favorite quotes is, “Choices become actions, actions become habits, and habits become our character.” His recommendations for a healthy lifestyle are impressive and inspiring!

“For a healthy lifestyle, I juice my daily celery juice, yoga every day (s/o to @yogajoint where I teach!), coconut water, heavy metal detox smoothies, infrared saunas, sun exposure for vitamin D, high vibrational raw foods, organic + local produce, daily meditation, positive affirmations, law of attraction, 8+ hrs of sleep a night, healthy relationships, & feeling free in your body! I can’t even fathom what my life would be like if I continued down that downward spiral.. so grateful I took control and worked on healing the relationship with myself to ignite this process of change! Try out these practices. They are extremely doable with consistency, perseverance, and help you learn your WHY.”

Cheers to realizations, increased happiness, & infinite potential 🌱 Use code SECONDSUNWELLNESS for 20% off Chocolate Magic to celebrate healing within & mindfulness 🙏