Sugar Alcohols: Miracle or Misleading?

Sugar Alcohols: Miracle or Misleading?

They give us the quick fix of sweetness without the insulin secretion. They don’t ferment in the mouth and are better for your teeth, and are significantly lower in calories than table sugar. Planet Protein fights hard to provide an affordable, fulfilling product without cheapening our taste. Here is the lowdown on sugar alcohols.

Sugar alcohols are the market’s response to sweet addiction

Obesity today is a greater problem than starvation. In the western world, where poverty is at a minimum, the consumption of artery insulating animal fats and massive quantities of sugars have led us into a pandemic. The majority of Americans now die from a chronic disease caused largely by lifestyle choices.

Corn syrup skull and crossbones

With so many issues surrounding overconsumption of sugars, the market responded with brands like Equal (aspartame) Sweet’n Low (saccharin) and Splenda (sucralose). On the surface these products seem to remedy the causation of so many health issues in the country, but at what cost?

Some sugar alcohols can have a laxative effect

While insulin excretion and dental health may be a positive of sugar alcohols, they are not digestive friendly at all. In many cases overconsumption can even have a laxative effect! Bloating and diarrhea are not uncommon, especially when overeaten by diabetics.

Sugar is not evil

A fruit based high calorie smoothie may have up to one-hundred grams of sugar, yet a negligible glycemic spike in even unhealthy consumers.

Sugar caddy

Sugar alcohols may have purpose in the lives of the diabetic and infirm, but are unnecessary in the lives of responsible, healthy consumers.

The notion that foods using sugar alcohols are “free foods” has led many to be worse off than if they consumed sugar itself.

Why are we using sugar alcohols in everything?

And lastly, why do we eat the stuff anyway? While it may be fine in small quantities, our response to the overproduction of high fructose corn syrup among other “frankenfoods” is not unlike our medical model. Rather than countering a major sugar addiction with natural, easily metabolized sugars, our response is to treat a symptom rather than the root.

Banana smoothie

Sugar alcohols can have long term effects that are still not fully known, while further drawing us away from a natural alternative – the way nature intended. Sources:

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