Planet Protein FAQ

What is Planet Protein?

Planet Protein Inc. is a vegan nutrition company founded in April 2016 by Brenden Fitzgerald, a former USMC infantry leader and overnight vegan. His goal was to provide an active lifestyle product that took into account both the health of our community and of the planet.

What is Planet Protein's mission?

“Planet Protein answers the global call for transparency in our food, sustainability in our practice, and ethically sourced clean nutrition.”

What is your Buy One, Plant One Program

Every time you sip you do a little more to preserve our planet.

To contribute to the restoration of our planet’s precious forests, for every bag sold on we will contribute one tree to global reforestation efforts spearheaded by One Tree Planted, our ally making the world greener every day.

How Do I Save an Animal with Every Bag?

Every day spent living entirely plant based spares an animal from a cruel fate at the hands of factory farmers. A full bag of Chocolate Magic exceeds the average daily calorie requirements for most people, therefore replacing more than a day’s worth with cruelty free nutrition!

1 Bag saves 1 Animal

Are there heavy metals in Planet Protein?

We’ve heard and seen greater awareness regarding the presence of metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic in many food products. This includes runoff concerns for ingredients such as cacao and pea protein. Concentrations of heavy metals have been known to be found in organic, raw ingredients such as cacao and pea protein.

We took notice and took action, shutting down production and putting Chocolate Magic through the most rigorous testing processes available. Heavy metals in food can cause a widespread host of health issues, including death in extreme quantities. We’re thrilled to report that Planet Protein is as clean as they come! Especially when compared to some major brands cited by Consumer Reports

For even more info, check out our Guide to Heavy Metals!

Is Planet Protein committed to the Planet?

In both our personal and professional lives, Planet Protein’s squad embodies a lifestyle conducive to our brand message. CEO Brenden leads the way with a daily commitment to a highly sustainable lifestyle, educating others along the way!

Why does Planet Protein add Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is the only key vitamin required in supplement form to optimize a plant based diet. It’s important for everyone to ensure adequate B12 intake, but thanks to soil depletion and modern sanitation it isn’t as easy as it once was to get the B12 you need.

We’ve taken care of that! Each serving of Chocolate Magic contains 100% of the highest quality B12 available, saving you the money and the hassle of shopping for it separately.

What is the shelf life for Planet Protein products?

Our shelf life for our bars is 12 months. Chocolate Magic has a “use by” window of 2 full years.

What are "natural flavors"?

Natural Flavors are the concentrated derivative that lends flavor to an organic source, such as vanilla, chocolate, or peanut butter. These natural flavors are legally permitted to encompass over 100 ingredients in a small bottle, of which ALL fall under the “natural” moniker. Ingredients could include animal products, be sourced from potential allergens, or worse, be a detriment to your long term health.

Does Planet Protein use any "natural flavors" or perservatives?

Planet Protein is committed to innovating a full line of products in the years to come without ever compromising to include unnatural preservatives, or bogus flavors.

Why doesn't Planet Protein use palm oil?

We’re serious about our planet, and we will never cut corners. Palm oil is the ultimate corner cutter. It’s a cheap, unhealthy, highly processed oil whose industry presence is a direct affront to human rights, animal welfare, and environmental stewardship. Palm oil is one of the foremost plagues our planet is currently enduring.

Where can I buy Planet Protein products?

We currently ship to you directly through this website!

What are Planet Points?

Planet Points are our spiffy way of titling our rewards system. We offer Planet Points in exchange for purchases, birthdays, signup, referrals, and through our new Recycling Program. Just create an account and you’re off to earning! Sign me up!

What is the handling time for my purchase?

Our handling time is 1-3 days prior to shipment. Purchases made after 5PM EST will enter the process the next business day.

Why does Planet Protein use Himalayan Pink Salt?

We use a tiny pinch of salt to balance the flavor profile of our formula. We looked into our options and studied the science behind the pros and cons of each variety. Himalayan Pink Salt is primarily sourced from the Khewra Salt Mine, a major industry in the nation of Pakistan. It is a treasured commodity and source of pride for the Pakistani people.

Himalayan Pink Salt is mineral dense, deriving its distinct beautiful color from these rejuvenating compounds. It is less pure sodium chloride than sea salt, and is not counted among the 90% of table salts containing microplastics!

What are Reishi Mushrooms?

Reishi Mushrooms are one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet, and a staple in the satchel of Chinese healers for thousands of years. They’re also known locally as the “Mushroom of Immortality” for its incredible benefits on the immune system, blood pressure, cholesterol, and mental stress. This is a do it all adaptogen that pairs perfectly with cacao and deserves its place as the star superfood of our very first vegan protein powder.

What's your Zero Waste Recyling Program?

About a year into our existence we started getting really serious about shifting Planet Protein towards a low impact, zero waste direction. We dug deep, learning everything we could about the wrappers we use, the alternatives that were available, and the challenges that face both choices. We learned that the pros of cellulose based bioplastics were not sufficient enough to outweigh the significant cons, and in some cases were much worse than what we were using already.

The best answer we had was to turn to the best part of Planet Protein – you! We created our zero waste recycling program to close the loop on our wrappers and bags while rewarding you for doing your part. We take your empties back, send them to specialty recyclers, and send Planet Points your way!

Click here to start earning!

Why are Planet Protein products Gluten-Free?

Why are Planet Protein products Gluten Free?

Gluten is the protein-rich portion of cereal grains, especially in wheat. Gluten is what gives raw dough its flexibility and tension. Many consumers are gluten intolerant, with many more suffering from Celiac Disease, an autoimmune reaction to the consumption of gluten.

While gluten may generally be harmless to most, utilizing it in our recipes is completely unnecessary. By bringing gluten into our formulas we’d alienate people who would benefit tremendously from the presence of a gluten free option that meets our standards.

How does Shipping and Handling Work?

In order for us to continue innovating and procuring shipping materials that reflect our values and reduce waste, We charge shipping based on location, weight, and purchase price. Our shipping rules are as follows:

  • Domestic orders >$99 are charged.
  • Domestic orders <$99 are FREE.
  • International Orders are charged by location & weight. (please note: customs & duties fees are charged to the receiver according to specified import laws.)
  • Handling fee: $.25cents per order

Mindful Packaging

We have gone back and forth with bioplastics many times, and we have decided not to use them here at Planet Protein. Instead, we have created an internal zero-waste program where our customers send our packaging back to us (ex: empty Chocolate Magic bag) and we partner with a company that turns the packaging into desks, chairs, flooring, etc.

Some might wonder why we do not use backyard compostable packaging! We have not found a reputable company that is organic and transparent. Many backyard compostables are sprayed with pesticides, soaked in acids, or contain other harmful chemicals. These chemicals are not good for human health or the planet. We would LOVE to have packaging that is backyard compostable, but we will always remain transparent to our customers and guarantee no pesticides, plastics, fungicides, herbicides, GMOs, toxic heavy metals, or anything harmful in our superfood protein powders.

We are continuously on the lookout for the most sustainable packaging & open for ethical recommendations if our Planet P fam comes across any! We are currently in communication with an innovative company that is creating the most sustainable packaging on the market… but it won’t be out for a few years. Until then, we will continue to evolve & do our best while staying morally consistent as possible.

Sustainable Shipping Practices

Our carbon neutral, post-consumer shipping gets you your package safe and sound! We either use kraft boxes with eco-paper tape or post-consumer mailers. Paper inserts included in each package are post-consumer and printed with vegan soy ink.

We take great pride in our eco-practices, and we are constantly on the look out for the most sustainable way to ship to you.

Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t like the Chocolate Magic, we have a money back guarantee policy! However, due to being a small business, we require a restocking fee of $10 for 1 bag and $20 for orders of 3+ bags. Thanks for your consideration and small business support!

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