Minimalist Tips and Tricks

Declutter: How to Become a Minimalist at Home

Minimalism is a growing trend that emphasizes living small and keeping your home and mind clear—finding freedom from worries, clutter, and more. Figuring out how to become a minimalist at home isn’t a mad dash to the finish line; instead, start slow. Take your time as you decide what’s necessary and what adds clutter to your mind. It’s not just about removing unneeded items, but also about realizing what brings joy to your mind and happiness to your heart.

It can be scary to try out something new, but you don’t have to throw all your possessions away to become a minimalist. Here are a few simple minimalist tips and tricks for beginners.

  1. Write It Down

What’s your goal, and what’s your definition of a minimalist home and lifestyle? Write down the reasons why you want to do this—and don’t leave anything out, big or small. Every reason is a way to stick to your goal. Then write what you want—what makes you smile, what are you passionate about, what ignites your soul to do more and be more?

  1. Declutter the Duplicates and Create a Clutter-Free Zone

Organizing is just the first step, but it doesn’t get rid of items. Push yourself further by getting rid of things; try the idea of putting items in a box for thirty days. If you need something, take it out of the box and put it in its place. But if you don’t touch it for thirty days, toss it. Your clutter-free zone should start small and continue to expand—don’t stress yourself out by trying to make an entire room clutter-free at once.

  1. Re-use

The good old reduce, reuse, recycle adage comes in handy as you figure out how to become a minimalist at home. This is an easy step, not only because it’s good for the environment, but also because it helps you become more self-aware. Save packaging and containers—takeout containers make great Tupperware alternatives! Part of becoming a minimalist is embracing the creativity it takes to reuse an item instead of constantly buying something new.

  1. Donate and Simplify Your Wardrobe

Donating clothes is a great way to remove clutter in your rooms. Project 333 is a minimalist challenge, and the goal is to dress with 33 items or less for 3 months. Choose 33 items—clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear, and shoes—and seal the rest away in boxes. This may seem extreme, but it really helps you focus and realize what you actually wear and what you wouldn’t really miss.

  1. 10 Minutes or Less

If you’re busy with work, kids, or just life in general, it can be hard to find time to take on a big decluttering task. This is one of those minimalist tips and tricks that can start you off on the right track. Take 10 minutes and choose one task to tackle. You can donate shoes you haven’t worn in a year, open up your email and unsubscribe from unwanted lists, or schedule all of your medical appointments. 10 minutes of clear focus can get a lot more done than you might think.

Minimalism is a process of reworking your lifestyle. It’s a journey that ebbs and flows as you grow. Don’t think that there’s an end. Be curious and daring in achieving your goals, and slowly, with small steps, you’ll become the one telling others how to become a minimalist at home.