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The Vision

We did our research and created this Recycling Program to reduce the waste we accumulate in the process of expanding Planet Protein. We're proud to offer this program as another step to furthering the synergy between Planet Protein and our earth. With the state of global plastics, this represents the most efficient way to care for our waste.

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Lowering Our Impact

We looked into our options as we grew more conscious of our waste. We recognized that there isn’t a simple solution! Without preservatives, and knowing the darker side of bioplastics, we were left with quite the challenge. We created this program to “close the loop” and keep our wrappers and bags out of the landfill!


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The Program

We recognize that our products lend to a cleaner planet and a healthier you, but why stop there? We created our internal recycling program as a way to combat our overall waste and empower you to make positive decisions on both sides of our wrapper! With every online purchase you will receive Planet Points to reward you for shopping consciously.