Raw Vegan Cinnamon Rolls Infused with Chocolate Magic & Vanilla Cashew Cream

These raw cinnamon rolls infused with superfoods may look complicated to make, but we promise they are SUPER EASY! Try them out and you will

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Child Rescue Coalition

Hi Planet Protein Fam, July 30th is World Day Against Human Trafficking. We are raising money to support our friends at Child Rescue Coalition.   This

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Carbon Farming + Plant These Perennials!🌿

Carbon farming is an AMAZING method that can save the planet!! The method is aimed at sequestering atmospheric carbon into the soil, in crop roots,

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Secret Flourless Protein Brownies

Our friends at  Evolved Meals created these Secret Flourless Protein Brownies! There is a 10/10 chance you are drooling. Can we just take a moment to

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Our Wood Scoops are the COOLEST ♻️

As a company that promotes sustainability and caring for our earth, the environmental impact of our products and practices are always at the front of

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Proven Benefits of BCAA’s

There are 20 different amino acids that make up the thousands of different proteins in the human body, and 9/20 are considered essential amino acids!

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Health Benefits of Indoor Plants

We know plants have many health benefits when consumed, and of course they create the oxygen we breath! But did you know there are many health benefits

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Food Waste 101

End to Food Waste?! We are getting closer to the end of food waste! Many countries have the objective to divert material, like food waste, from going to

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30 Reasons to Ban Glitter, Balloons, & Fireworks

They are sparkly, funky, beautiful, amusing, and a cultural symbol for celebration! However, scientists & activists want glitter, balloons, and fireworks off the face of

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Coconuts for an Eco-World

Who else loves coconuts?! We do! We use coconuts in our Chocolate Magic not only for flavor but for all of the amazing health benefits

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