Sustainably-Sourced Ingredients & Our Practices



The coconut crew we buy from works on an exclusive basis with farms near their production facilities throughout India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. It is their mission to ensure that mutually rewarding trade exists with their farmers and that their families, villages, and new generations share in the worldwide growth of the coconut industry! They have implemented socioeconomic programs to help educate villagers in giving back to their own communities, and they  support their efforts by paying them more than fair prices for their products.



Our cacao comes from Peru! We made a point to partner with an ethical cacao company since many large corporations get their cacao and cocoa from slave labor in Africa. Many people all over the world say that the best cacao comes from Peru. Cacao has been utilized all over the world as a delicacy and for ceremonies. For example, the Aztecs made cacao drinks from fermented beans back as far as 1900 BC! Because of the Peruvian cacao we use, its a fine reddish/brown color that is air-dried and curated to maximize the nutrient preservation.


We source our peas ethically from California and Southeast Asia. The peas are certified organic & NSF standard. The organization we partner with creates amazing opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers. Not only dos they ensure good working conditions and promote fair-trade, but they practice sustainability + respect for the environment. We support their transparency, accountability, fair trading practices, and refusal of any child labor/forced labor. Their commitment to non-discrimination, gender equity, & freedom of association aligns with our company values.


Our Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) extract is curated in Japan. Reishi is considered the most powerful tonic for the attainment of optimum health, longevity, and spiritual attainment. The active constituents in Reishi are its unique polysaccharides, terpenes, and beta-glucans. Contrary to popular belief, mushrooms are not digestible by the human body, since they contain no cellulose! Our partners make sure to concentrate the extract into a highly digestible and potent 10:1 extract, giving our Planet P family the plant-medicine they are looking for.


Our partners prioritize transparency and testing for the cleanest, purest form of Reishi. They have fair trading practices and sustainability practices to maintain integrity within their company & preservation of the Reishi mushroom’s environment.



Our stevia comes from the Netherlands and is fair-trade, Halal, EarthKosher, USDA organic, BRC food certified, and EU organic. Our partners are responsible for contributing to the major awareness and importance of pesticide-free nutrition increasing all over the world. They create long-term relationships with their local farmers to create a more sustainable future!


Our chia seeds are GMP certified organic, NSF, BRC FOOD certification, and UEBT which is a non-profit association that promotes the ethical sourcing and fair-trade ingredients from native biodiversity, ensuring ethical sourcing practices and ensuring the fair and equitable benefits. Our chia seeds are sourced from small farmers in Peru that focus on improving biodiversity. Their mission is to promote sustainable, natural, and organic ingredients worldwide while continuously creating the highest value for employees.



Our quinoa tribe is woman-owned! We love this partnership because they focus on what our ancestors ate. They operate in Alabama and sprout, dry, and mill the quinoa in house. Their high standards of production are regulated and rated superior by AIB, tested and proved to contain all the benefits of the time-honored grains for consumption by sprouting. Their passion is to educate the world about how sprouted grains play an important role as part of a balanced, nutrient-rich diet.


We source our salt from the highest grade, safest pink mineral salt in the world. Did you know Himalayan salt has 84+ trace elements and minerals? That’s why we chose to use it in our blend! Our partners go through proprietary processing that guarantee purity and leave trace minerals intact. They do not chemically refine their pink salt in any way. Himalayan salt is the result of an ancient body of water that slowly evaporated, leaving behind a mineral-rich salt bed that was eventually fused with other materials such as clay and stone. The salt is mined in Pakistan where our partners have spent more than a decade building a strong relationship with reputable FDA-registered partners that are careful and ethical with the land.


As well as sourcing our ingredients sustainably, we partner with One Tree Planted and plant trees for each bag of Chocolate Magic purchased. Our team plans to travel with the organization so we can help plant the actual trees ourselves!

By purchasing Chocolate Magic, you also save 1 animal! Our 1 animal saved is calculated like so:

There are 3500 calories in a bag of our Chocolate Magic. The standard American diet suggests people eat 2000 calories/day. By eating an entire bag of our Chocolate Magic, you save 1 animal’s life because you are eating plant-based calories vs animal calories.

However, our animal-saving efforts don’t end there! We donate funds to animal sanctuaries to save animals. We are advocates for plant-based living and all of the recipes we post are 100% vegan.

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