The Magic of Reishi Mushrooms

Prepare your mind, body, soul, and your taste buds, because Chocolate Magic is BACK. 


In just THREE short days, our best-selling chocolate protein powder will be available for purchase on our website. We’ve been celebrating all week, and now that it’s almost time to launch, it’s time to get serious.

Let’s talk mushrooms. 

Reishi Mushrooms are 1 of the 8 (all-natural, vegan, ethically sourced, and wonderful) ingredients you can find in Chocolate Magic. Since Chocolate Magic is composed of only 8 powerhouse ingredients, it’s safe to say that they’re each pretty magical, so when they come together, it’s next level organic-zero-waste-vegan magic.

Reishi Mushrooms, in particular, are a form of magic all their own.

Reishi Mushroom

Known to the ancient Chinese as the “herb of spiritual potency”, Reishi was believed to symbolize success, divine power, and immortality. At the time, Reishi was wildly expensive and reserved only for royals. In fact, Reishi was so rare that it was believed that it only grew at the homes of immortals on the “three aisles of the blest” off the Chinese coast.

If that’s not enough magic for you, Reishi Mushrooms have been sought out for medicinal use for over 4000 years and were a known favorite of eastern healers who used Reishi for its alleged therapeutic properties and its apparent ability to boost energy levels, promote heart health, and its anti-aging powers.

In 2730BC, Emperor Shennong of China even went as far as to declare that Reishi Mushrooms were the most important elixir on the planet because of the belief that they could slow down sickness and provide immortality.

Reishi Mushroom
Could it get any more magical than that? 
The Reishi Mushroom has been used for thousands of years to promote healthy living, spiritual awareness, and shared success…which is why it fits so well into the Chocolate Magic formula.
Chocolate Magic being poured

More modern-day benefits of the herb of spiritual potency may include :

•Ability to boost the Immune system
•Anti-aging properties
•Improvement of blood flow
•Detoxifying of the liver
•Reducing inflammation
•Improved sleep patterns
•And, Reishi may even be beneficial in the fight against cancer

Ready to experience the benefits of Reishi?