Why Planet Protein loves Ancient Grains

Ancient Grains: Then and Today

As a company we believe in honesty and transparency. We would never advocate against enjoying whole foods and full meals. Our purpose is to provide you with the vegan protein boost when the convention of a sit down meal isn’t available. If we can help it, we go straight to the source and craft our meals from organic, plant based whole foods in their most primitive form. Ancient grains are an example of this. Their namesake is self-descriptive, as these are grains that have been cultivated for thousands of years. Among them are sorghum, teff, amaranth, barley, and spelt.

injera bread made from teff flour

Due to their ancestral origins, these grains are often as nutrient dense as they were in antiquity. They see purpose all across the world and are often at the very heart of the cultural heritage that brought them to life, and thus have a closer tie to the indigenous people of the land.

It goes on and on. The relationship ancient grains have with the cultures that thrived from them is a fascinating study across many fields. These grains often pack more fiber, protein, and healthy fats than any other form of grain, cereal, or pseudocereal otherwise. Better yet, amaranth, millet, and teff are all gluten free.

sorghum fields

As our company grows more holistic and spiritually connected, learning the meaning behind these powerful superfoods is a charge we’re excited to honor. We creating modern plant based nutrition products that unironically still rely on these ancient grains to reach their full potential.