Sunday Smoothies

Sunday Smoothies

Sunday Smoothies

When is a better time to have a smoothie than all the time? Here at Planet Protein we’re all about smoothies and we love sharing the goods, so we’ve put together FIVE of our favorite smoothie recipes to share with YOU! From your classic smoothie to tricked out bowls - we've got a recipe for everyone.

1. Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie Bowl

Banana⁣ Mixed berries ⁣ Cherries ⁣ Dates⁣ Ground flaxseed ⁣ Chai seeds ⁣ Hemp ⁣ Topped with Kiwis, Goji berries, cacao nibs, coconut, and our peanut butter cup protein bar!

2. Green Magic Smoothie

Banana ⁣ Pineapple ⁣ Wheatgrass ⁣ Spirulina ⁣ Flax seed ⁣ Vegan vanilla yogurt ⁣ Water ⁣ Planet Protein Chocolate Magic ⁣

3. Chocolate Cherry Smoothie Bowl

Banana ⁣ Cherries ⁣ Almond butter ⁣ Coconut milk ⁣ Planet Protein Chocolate Magic ⁣ Topped with cacao nibs ⁣

4. Mango Magic Smoothie

Mangos ⁣ Banana⁣ Planet Protein Chocolate Magic ⁣ Topped with cacao nibs ⁣

5. Peanut Berry Bowl

Banana⁣ Mixed berries⁣ 1 scoop Planet Protein Chocolate Magic⁣ 1 Tablespoon almond butter⁣ Topped with chai seeds, granola, banana, and a peanut butter cup bar

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