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Planet Protein only uses sustainable, clean, ethically sourced ingredients to fuel our simple & powerful vegan protein powder. We were sick of grey area ingredients, added flavors, and junk we don’t need! We’re bringing transparency back to what we eat and taking control of our health together!


solo magic scoop
raw cacao

#1 antioxidant food on the planet • lifts your mood with bliss nutrients (Phenethylamine, Anandamide, & Serotonin) • increases focus/alertness • boosts brain function • high in minerals • super high in magnesium for healthy nerve and muscle function • heart/cardiovascular protection • supports weight loss • reduces appetite • anti-aging


The KING of mushrooms • mushroom of immortality • mushroom of spiritual potency • boosts cognitive development • increases brain power, focus, and concentration •  provides natural energy and boosts stamina • supports endurance • oxygenates the body • supports cardiovascular health • strengthens and boosts immune system • enhances liver function and naturally detoxifies • improves quality of sleep • anti-inflammatory • anti-viral • anti-bacterial • anti-tumor • most effective when consumed in the morning on an empty stomach!


easy to digest • keeps you fuller, longer between meals • decreases belly fat • energizes your workouts • high in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) • helps keep your body in a muscle building state throughout the day


high in fiber (supports digestion and improves regularity) • high quality protein to help with weight loss • loaded with essential vitamins and trace minerals such as: calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and niacin • packed with OMEGA-3s • rich in antioxidants • naturally filling

assists metabolism • very high in fiber • high protein content • full of vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants • weight-loss friendly • great source of magnesium

contains 84 essential minerals • balances your body’s acidity and alkaline levels (pH) • controls water levels in the body • increases hydration • helps balance electrolytes • prevents muscle cramps • supports healthy respiratory functions • helps regulate blood sugar • promotes circulation • improves digestion • acts as a detoxifier • naturally promotes better sleep • boosts brain health • healthy skin, hair, nails


reduces chronic fatigue • improves energy levels and mental acuity • prevents cognitive malfunction • natural and no side effects •  zero calories, zero carbohydrates, & zero GI • controls blood sugar levels • beneficial in weight loss/digestion • reduces inflammation and gas

dairy-free • cholesterol-free • high in MCT’s • a rich source of B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E and the essential minerals • promotes quick energy • fat burning • improves digestion (high fiber content) • increases hydration • replenishes loss of water • helps build muscle • helps keep your organs like kidney, heart, liver, optimally functional • natural sweetener • tastes delicious


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"Ive been craving a good banana bread for sooo long. This recipe is 🔥 I slightly changed a cpl things by using a different flour and added planet protein 💪🌱"

Seriously AMAZING protein.. The taste is perfect, I love how smooth it mixes and that addition of the Reishi is great, but what I love more is the sustainable approach, the packaging, the wooden scoop! SO DAMN COOL. We keep our wooden scoops after we finish each pack! Highly recommend this protein powder. Its great.

- Fraser Bayley, @evolvingalpha
"Finally a protein powder that tastes good, isn't gritty and isn't full of chemicals. Thank you for this and for making it as eco conscious as possible."
"My planet protein scoop is now being reused as a pancake batter scoop 🤗🌿I rate their product so high because of the quality and their sustainable practices as a company. I like to share products that I truly love and personally use, and things that align with my morals and values ✌️ "

Kudos to the team for producing THE BEST chocolate protein powder! The flavor, supreme ingredients and a reusable spoon are over the top, and don't take it from me, I just saw my husband finishing up my powder and asking when can we get more!! hahaha love it when flavor and quality convert a non believer 🙂

This protein powder is truly MAGICAL. Does not even compare to other protein powders. The fact that it’s so good for you and zero waste makes it that much better. Don’t sleep on this guys!! I have it every single morning after my workout. You can basically throw anything in with the powder or have it with just nut milk/water and it’ll still taste amazing😍"

"Getting protein, chocolate, and reishi mushrooms all in a cup? Okayyyyy

When comparing this one to another chocolate protein I had available to me (won't say any names lol) Chocolate Magic was a clear winner by a landslide. Definitely recommend especially if you're a peanut butter, chocolate, banana smoothie person like myself! xD"


100% pure • 100% transparent

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