Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

No more cliff bars for this guy

I recently had the honor of tasting the first batch of the NEW Planet Protein bars and I was really surprised by the taste. You know that feeling you get when you peel open a sports bar and you think it will taste like medicine and have the consistency of styrofoam. These bars had neither. First off, I was so stoked to be able to find a Vegan sports bar. Being an avid hiker, I'm always looking for bars for really long hikes. Up until now, I mostly at Cliff bars, but after 8 hours of them, you get really tired of them. I was also surprised by the flavor combination of Cherry, Almond, and Fudge. I didn't know if those flavors would work together. Boy, was I wrong? It was more like a dessert than a sports bar. My daughter even enjoyed it. And to know that these bars are made with the healthiest plant-based ingredients on the planet. I know I am not only eating the most planet-sustaining bar, but it's also a product made with thoughts of compassion given to other beings who inhabit our planet. Lastly, the consistency is right on point. Not too hard, and not too sticky. Almost like eating a perfectly baked cookie. Thanks again! I can't wait to get more.

PB Crunch was my FAV!!!

Tried both and LOVED both. Not only was it delicious (Cocoa PB crunch was my faaaaav), but they're super sustainable. I was full as if I just ate a meal. Most bars you find, even if they promote health up and down will have something hidden in the ingredients that's not what you're looking for. These are honest and leave you feeling as good as they taste. Can't wait to order more.

My new favorite protein bars!!

Four months ago my dietary patterns were far from vegetarian, why? Because I thought it'd be too difficult to make the change. Fortunately, because of the people behind Planet Protein, Inc. I was enlightened to a world of plant-based deliciousness and ethical harmony. I'm constantly needing to identify new healthy & enjoyable snacks or meal replacement options for anyone trying to be their healthiest self. Planet protein has made this easier than ever... I couldn't be more grateful. Thanks guys!

NOT your ordinary protein bar

This isn't your ordinary protein bar. It tastes great and you feel clean after consuming it. I know for myself I don't like the bloating feeling I get in most bars or knowing I ate something that says it's good for you, but really isn't. If you like to workout or just enjoy eating a tasty, healthy, snack I recommend you give this a try!