Shipping Update

Hey Planet Fam!

Orders are packed and ready at our warehouse, patiently awaiting their ride to your doorstep. As soon as the truck arrives, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Shopify that your order has shipped, followed by its tracking info. Phew. The long delay has been frustrating for all of us and we know it’s been frustrating for you as well. We apologize and thank you for baring with us through all of the recent hurdles both within and completely out of our control. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to respond to this email.

Here’s to the ✨Magic✨ we’ll all be sippin’ on soon. Finally🙏  Be on the lookout for shipping confirmation to hit your inbox within 1-4 business days from now 🤞

Brenden Fitzgerald
President/ CEO
Planet Protein, Inc.

March 7th, 2022


Honestly, I’ve been holding off on sending an update out because we haven’t had a solid time table to present you with. Right when it seemed like we had a final date, something pops up., causing more unexpected delays. “Supply chain crisis” is the word floating around the office as of late. Rest assured, we are working hard behind the scenes to solidify our foundation and continue elevating this brand. We don’t want this to happen again… to be without the Protein for this long has given us all unwanted stress. Uncertainty in the air, for weeks on end now…. It’s been lonely.

GOOD NEWS- the wait is finally over. Chocolate & Vanilla Magic protein is back BABY!

We can’t begin to thank you enough for not only patiently waiting & continuously supporting our company, but for believing in our young brand. We all feel the love as it inspires us to get 1% better each day. Our team is STOKED to have the Magic back.

I received the confirmation email an hour ago solidifying our end production date (Wednesday, March 2). We then continue through quality control and off to respective shipping & handling centers. More good news…. We were able to work with our shippers to expedite receiving and send your order out IMMEDIATELY upon arrival scan in. We’ve gone ahead and upgraded your order to ‘light speed’ shipping as well, which is a new feature allowing for 2-day or next-day shipping.

As we inch closer towards the finish line, I’ll send more updates. Thank you again for your patience.

Brenden Fitzgerald
President/ CEO
Planet Protein, Inc.

February 25, 2022


I want to start off by thanking each and every single one of you for your continued support and patience as we continue to evolve into the company we are destined to be.

Matter of the fact is, we have let you down. Delays in our supply chain, global shipping hurdles, sourcing setbacks, and having to partner with new manufacturing partners have forced us to maneuver around these obstacles in new ways. This has set us back, further back than we anticipated.

Now I don’t want to make excuses, this message is far from that… rather, transparency in a time where our business has and will continue to show its resiliency.

I am very proud of our team. Our growth during this trying time is a mirror image of the end result our products represent. Transparency, clean ingredients, positive environment, and doing it the right way, without shortcuts. To maintain a sustainable workforce, we will never cut corners when it comes to logistics and products.

With that being said, I’m grateful to announce the return of the Magic is here. Bag production is complete (new partners are perfect for us), and the final production phase is set to commence next. I will personally keep you in the loop throughout this process as we inch closer to the finish line.

February is the month we ship orders. It is also the month that marks a new era for our young company. It is only up from here, and with your support, we will continue to optimize our processes.

Stay tuned for another update with some firm timelines for the month of February regarding your shipments.

Talk to you all soon.


January 30, 2022


To our family,

Brenden here, coming at you live with another update….

I know the anxiety is through the roof waiting on your orders and the return of the Magic! Trust me, it’s been a practice to stay sane to say the least HA.

Good news is, bags are almost ready to fill! We should see heavy movement into next week. This means bags will be filled within the next two weeks , going through our quality assurance process, and off to our fulfillment centers nationwide!

As we inch closer to the finish line, our gratitude and appreciation for you all remains at the forefront of our minds. Without your support, our growing company wouldn’t be able to survive. I’m excited to get to the finish line, that’s for sure.

With new products on the horizon, the Magic coming back in stock, and new partners in place to eliminate long waits…. The future looks bright to say the least.

Stay tuned for another email update next week as I’ll keep you all in the loop throughout this process. To be honest, it’s looking like early February is the time we begin shipping!

Again, thank you for rocking with us. Our mission to change the way protein is perceived and bring quality health to our people has only just begun. See you next week!

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- Brenden F.

January 21, 2022


Hello everyone,

Brenden here! Checking in with some needed updates. GOOD NEWS…Packaging is in production! After a long wait for material, slotting, and quality assurance - we’ve finally moved the needle.

With our new manufacturing partners on board, we expect to have much more efficient lead times and quicker turn arounds.

As we push through into our final leg of this anticipated wait, we’re excited to fill bags this month and get the Magic back in your hands!

Don’t forget, the rumors are real , NEW products are coming….. VERY soon. Thank you again for the love & support, it is greatly appreciated.

More news coming your way next week.

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- Brenden F.

January 7, 2022

“Great things take time; that is why seeds persevere through rocks and dirt to bloom.”
-Matshona Dhliwayo


Hey Fam,

Brenden here… wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a loving Holiday season. 

As you’re already aware of our shipping delays, I wanted to give you another update before taking some time off this weekend. GOOD NEWS, all of our raw materials are in and ready to produce! The time we’ve spent waiting due to global shortages and delays had finally come to an end. This means all we have to do is produce our bags (more on this below) , fill em’ to the brim, go through our 3rd party testing process, and BOOM! You’ll have Magic Protein back in your lives. 

As for the bags… our team has done an incredible job sourcing new & improved pouches from a supplier we are stoked to work with. Get ready for “powder free” zippers! This technology allows for an easy-to-zip pouch without any interruption , even with protein jammed in there. Exciting times ahead… thank YOU all, for the wait. 

Your patience and support doesn’t go unnoticed as we work around the clock to bring you the Magic. 

From all of us here at Planet Protein, we hope you have a great time with friends & fam this Christmas and find time to recharge for the New Year ahead. And for those who are without loved ones during this time, we are sending love & cheer your way. We are here in spirit as you have been for us. 

Stay tuned for another update coming your way late next week!

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Thank you & Happy Holidays. 

Brenden & the Team✌️❤️🎄

December 24, 2021



Brenden here, with some more updates…

As we inch closer to our resupply , i want to keep you all updated and informed as much as we possibly can.

Again, thank you for inspiring us to continue our journey as a young brand evolving into our best form.

WE ARE CLOSE! Very close….
As global supply chain delays continue to pump our brakes, we are using this time to bring our most creative side out and work on some of the back end. With completion of production right around the corner, we’re so stoked to not only bring the chocolate & vanilla Magic back in stock, but bring some brand NEW products to life! I’m proud of our team, our customers, supporters and everyone in between. Thank you for giving us life! Now it’s our turn to give you more life.

I’ll check back in next week. Let’s keep the positive vibes flowing and manifest the soonest delivery dates possible. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns- feel free to reply to this email directly.

Thanks again!
Stay tuned.

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-Brenden Fitzgerald (CEO & FOUNDER)

December 19, 2021


Planet Fam,

It’s been one wild ride this year, one for the ages. Our small, yet growing business (because of you all) is on this quest to shift the protein industry for good. To help humans optimize their health individually, inspiring positive change in all other areas of our lives, while staying true to our Mother Earth. At the core, we believe health is the foundation for global success.

I’d like to personally thank each and every single one of you for joining us on this journey as we’ve dedicated our lives to building this company from nothing to something. We can’t thank you enough for the years of support, especially this year. With supply chain issues worldwide, these past few months have been difficult stocking up inventory and delivering the planet’s favorite protein to YOU.

With that being said, I wanted to share a few updates with you guys as we inch closer to replenishing our stock and also launching some brand new products!

When will the Magic Protein be available to ship again? 

We are so close! We have been promising mid January and stand by this date, however things are looking UP, and we might be seeing protein much sooner. You will receive another update in the next couple of weeks. 

Why is there a delay?

Great question. While many of you are aware of global supply chain issues & delays, we are feeling the wraith here as well. Since we source ingredients and materials sustainably from around the world, these delays make it difficult to manufacture on time. Our hope is that these delays smoothen out in the coming months.

Did you change the Chocolate or Vanilla Magic recipe?

Nope! Same product , same great taste, same nutritional profile. Our flagship protein powders are here for the long haul. We did however, make minor changes to our packaging design! Stay tuned.

Can I still order the protein? 

You betcha. We’re offering 20% off on all pre-orders while you wait. You can also take advantage of our Holiday BOGO sale! (This comes with an entry to win a 50lb supply as well)

Did someone say NEW products?!

YESSS , it’s about that time. We are wrapping up the year by finalizing not one, but TWO new products that we know you’ll love just as much as your body will. Completely organic of course, these new powders focus on the details and give us that extra BOOST we need. More on this over the coming weeks.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns- please feel free to reach out directly by replying to this email. I am going to personally adhere to each response and make sure we’re not missing anything here. During my time as CEO of Planet Protein, I’ve learned that a little dream can turn into reality through hard work, consistency, teamwork, and transparency. Our quest is still just beginning and without you all, these dreams would still be dreams. 

Thank you, each of you, for joining us along for a ride of a lifetime and for creating something we can truly be proud of knowing our healthiest self leads to positive outcomes for us all. 

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-Brenden Fitzgerald (CEO & FOUNDER)

December 12, 2021


October 20,2021

Delivering your order is extremely important to us. We appreciate your patience as we experience low inventory due to a recent surge in orders. But fret not! We’ll be restocking soon. In the meantime, you can still shop our organic plant-based superfood blends using the following options.

  • Preorder and save: Add items to cart, check out and get 20% off. 

Remember, our Magic blends are made with love, which means our teams are working hard to source the clean ingredients you deserve and blend them to perfection before product testing, packaging it up and shipping to your door. We appreciate your patience and support.