1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet

It could be argued that the principle behind Planet Protein’s founding was to address a gap in high-protein vegan bar options. Depending on the day, founder and CEO Brenden Fitzgerald might reply with the above, or our company impetus on healing the planet through our food. From the get-go we’ve been partnered with 1% for the Planet, an inventive and exciting charitable ally as we carry our mission forward. 1% for the Planet is a membership organization offering a global array of selected charities to partner with from inception.

Lack of adequate nutrition and clean water is still one of the most widespread issues plaguing much of humanity, while our animal agriculture industry harms the environment more than transportation. As part of our company mission we strive to educate consumers on the impact their food choices may have on their bodies and the planet. Concurrently, we’ve strived to source only the cleanest ingredients from known ethical sources. With so many major environmental issues globally, 1% for the Planet has given us a full palette of choices to positively influence year after year.

Even among vegan products there are ingredients of questionable origin. Agrarian practices in some countries lack the oversight to ensure adequate worker’s rights, sustainable farming, and safe transportation. With plant-based dieting entering the mainstream, we have an opportunity in 2017 to provide affordable options that may have been a serious challenge as little as ten years ago. We are excited to raise the bar (no pun intended) on what you can achieve with on-the-go plant-based protein while spearheading a long and exciting partnership with 1% for the Planet!

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