10 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day #HolisticHolidayStyle

10 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day #HolisticHolidayStyle

10 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day #HolisticHolidayStyle

Because your dad, grandpa, or father figure could use the love, now more than ever. 💚

1. Serve a healthy brunch! It can be undercover healthy, too. 😉 Check out these epic recipes that will make everyone happy. vegan food

2. Plan a family game night. One of our favorite games is the IF game, which requires a book from the "If..." series. Do not worry, you can find the questions on Google! 🎲

if... book 3. Organize a kombucha taste testing! Hit up your local health food store and get a bunch of kombuchas to try. You can even juice some fruit like pineapple & apple to make healthy mixed drinks! Kombucha cheers. 🥂 kombucha 4. Host an outdoor movie. Shine a projector against a blank wall and turn on dad's favorite movie. You can even put on replays of his favorite sports games! 🎥 movie night 5. Make some sweets! Remember, desserts do not have to be full of BS ingredients to be great! Check out our Chocolate Magic Snickers, Almond Joys, and Reese's for holistic options. 🍫 vegan almond joy 6. Learn something new together. Check out Groupon for acting classes, snorkeling, yoga, master gardening courses, ceramics, etc. 🥕 gardening 7. Netflix night! Have a comedy movie night or celebrate by expanding the mind and watching documentaries. 🎬 family movie night 8. Make a bucket list. Or even make a dream board! 📘 dream board 9. Journal. meditate, and do a light yoga flow. Relieve dad's stress by helping him dive inward. You can even show him how to "earth" in the backyard! 👣 dad yoga 10. Backyard camping! The camp parks might still be closed, but if you have a backyard, set up that tent! Bring on the campfires, ghost stories, and earthing! Ps- there are quite a few campsites opening up now, so check those out as well! backyard camping

Shout out to all the magical dad's out there. We love you!

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