3 Delicious Foods to Protect You from the Sun

3 Delicious Foods to Protect You from the Sun

3 Delicious Foods to Protect You from the Sun

It's hot out there!

The heat is on during these dog days of Summer. Before the leaves turn and we start to pad up for winter, let's enjoy some vitamin D! Skin damage and cancers are a major public health problem, especially here in South Florida. Wherever you are, it doesn't have to be hot for the sun to do its work. Here are three foods to help you fight off the summer burn!

But wait... why are they all orange?

Good question! That would be the carotenoids. Carotenoids are a red-orange pigment found abundantly in fruits and vegetables. They are fat soluble and are the staple of any diet rich in sun protecting micro-nutrients. Carotenoids can cover a variety of pigments from red, to orange, to yellow. It's easy to remember when the foods that protect us from the sun are the same colors!


citrus to protect from sun Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and beyond are refreshing before all. Research has shown that a solid intake of vitamins C and E can reduce damage from sunlight. In addition, limonene is abundant in these fruits. Limonene is a massive aid against the formation of cancer cells.

Sweet Potatoes

sweet potato carotenoids sun protection The same story goes - orange means there's carotenoids! Whether you eat them in fries, baked, or in a casserole, one of nature's most delightful tubers has the nutrient punch to fight back against the heatlamp in the sky.


carrots to protect from sun exposure Possibly the food most frequently associated with protection from sun exposure, carrots are an extremely orange source of carotenoids and other nutrients that are essential in protection against the sun. Before heading to the beach, try one in that refreshing morning smoothie. You'll be filled up and ready for a long day in the heat!

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