3 Easy Ways to Save Energy this Winter

3 Easy Ways to Save Energy this Winter

3 Easy Ways to Save Energy this Winter

Keep your home warm and wallet full!

When the coldsnap hits most of the northern hemisphere, it's easy to lose track of our most productive and sustainable habits. This is true both through what we eat, how we move, and the ways we address our daily routines. However, as the holidays loom and the snow falls, there are still many ways we can be energy efficient, physically productive, and forward thinking.
Check these tips out to get started!

Reverse your Ceiling Fan.

If you've ever exercised in the cold, you'll notice the heat emerging from your body visibly rises. This is true with all forms of heat. It rises towards the atmosphere. Most fans have a setting in which you can reverse the spin, pushing the warm air in your home back down, recycling the heat and saving money while providing comfort.

Seal Off Drafty Doors

This goes for windows too! If weather stripping won't do the job, then simply roll a towel and push it against a drafty door. Even in the interior-most rooms of the house, drafts from outside can make their way in. While some cozy socks and a sweater might make it easy to forget, your power company will be sure to remind you! Seal 'em up.

Check your light bulbs and switch to LED

LED bulbs are miles more efficient than their incandescent and even compact fluorescent (CFL) variety. With the proliferation of these modern light bulbs, the availability of different tones, settings, and dimming capacities are abundant. With longer nights in winter, the use of our inside lighting grows, so it's key to ensure we are utilizing the most efficient of all fixtures to account for this bump in use.

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