3 Foods for Better Dental Health

3 Foods for Better Dental Health

3 Foods for Better Dental Health

Did you know, that until as recently as 200 years ago tooth abscess was a leading cause of death? In the 1600's, it was within the top 5 causes of death in London, and until the improvements that led to modern dentistry, dental infection was extremely dangerous. With the teeth so close to the brain, the opportunity to do damage if left untreated can still be deadly. However, for the most part a dental emergency in 2019 has been reduced to a wisdom tooth extraction or cavity drilling. Despite the relative safety provided by modern dentistry, let's examine 3 foods for better dental health.


Carrots are at the top of dental health oriented foods. High in Vitamin A, and full of fiber, carrots stimulate saliva production. Like most fibrous vegetables, their role in saliva production is intrinsic to keeping the mouth fresh. Dry mouth is among the leading causes of cavities. Start here!


Normally, sugary sweet foods are not recommended by dentists, but apples might just top the list. Their fibrous nature both stimulates saliva production and sweeps the teeth and gums of food particles. Better yet, apples are one of the most filling foods you can find.


Almonds are an excellent example of what normally is associated with a dental healthy food. They're high in calcium, protein, and low in sugar. Oftentimes conventional dairy is recommended by dentists for this same reason, though the average cup of skim milk has 12 grams of sugar, hardly a ratio comparable to almond milk.

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