3 Fruits for Recovering Sore Muscles

3 Fruits for Recovering Sore Muscles

3 Fruits for Recovering Sore Muscles

While we may be in the protein business, we'll never waste an opportunity to share knowledge in muscle recovery and nutrition, even if the secret can be found right at your local farmstand! When it comes to recovery, it's more than just protein. Check out these 3 fruits for recovering sore muscles below!

Tart Cherries

tart cherries Research has shown that in long distance runners, tart cherries may replicate the effect NSAID's have on inflammation. Over time, acute muscle damage and inflammation results in decreased production of force, thus slowing the runner and allowing fatigue to build. The antioxidants in tart cherries may have a protective effect on the muscles, limiting pain and fatigue during intense exercise.


watermelon Perhaps best known among these fruits as it pertains to recovery, watermelon is perfect to recover with for several reasons. Watermelon can protect against damage before, and help with recovery after strenuous exercise. The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry cites L-Citrulline as the amino acid responsible for watermelon's sterling reputation. In addition to this powerful recovery agent, watermelon (as their name indicates) are naturally hydrating.


pomegranates This ancient Biblical fruit may not have the weight of research behind it that tart cherries do, but its antioxidant and phytochemical properties have become so well-known that entire brands have spun off of this one fruit. Pomegranate juice is rich in nitrates, cells which carry nitric oxide through the blood, which is especially important during higher oxygen demands. For optimal blood flow, try this fruit.

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