3 Harmful Effects of Pesticides. Is it worth it?

3 Harmful Effects of Pesticides. Is it worth it?

3 Harmful Effects of Pesticides. Is it worth it?

Are pesticides a necessary evil?

Pesticides as we know them are poisons used to kill and repel "pests." In the case of agriculture, pesticides are sprayed to repel insects, worms, and other animals who may spoil a crop. To feed such an enormous body of people as American farmers do, pesticides are used in conjunction with herbicides to maintain the integrity of the farm. However many farmers are wary of the relationship between the volume of poison and the volume of production. It is rare than an end stage consumer has an extreme reaction to a single fruit or vegetable that was sprayed, but the long term effects of pesticides are deleterious. What are 3 of the greatest hazards associated with pesticides, and how can we strive to limit or avoid exposure to them? pesticides are bad for you


Farming and industrial occupations are the literal backbone of our nation. Farmers provide our food, and industry provides our homes and infrastructure. However these occupations often lead workers into chemical environments that can cause serious illness and even death. One of the most common causes cited in the development of blood cancers such as Leukemia and Lymphoma are the prolonged exposure to industrial chemicals. Glyphosate and atrazine are the most frequently used agrarian poisons in America today. The severity of their connection to cancer is suspect at best, direct at worst.

Endocrine Effects

Pesticides have also been linked to a number of issues involving the endocrine system. The past decade has seen many inquiries into the possible link between hormone disruption and pesticides. Many of the most commonly used global pesticides, such as neonicotinoid have played a role in endocrine disruption. The production of estrogen in many cases has been altered. Meanwhile, these same endocrine disruptors play an even worse role, blocking male hormones key in the pubescent stages of youth. pesticide harmful effects

Reproductive Impact

Perhaps the saddest of them all, pesticides find their way into everything we do. By nature, motherly mammals concentrate nutrition in the placenta. This ensures that the intake of the mother and the health of the unborn child are synonymous. Runoff into the water supply and overuse of pesticides in luxuriant situations add to the already dangerous conditions set for the womb.

What can we do?

Remember the purpose of chemicals like pesticides and preservatives in our food. The closer we buy our produce the fresher, tastier, and healthier it is! Chemicals are often used to aid in the growth and protection of crops, so the longer they have to travel the more likely they are to be sprayed. Also ensure fruits and veggies are washed thoroughly, and that we consume antioxidants in every meal!

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