3 Holistic Mosquito Repellents

3 Holistic Mosquito Repellents

3 Holistic Mosquito Repellents

They're here and they're hungry!

Planet Protein's South Florida HQ puts us right in the thick of the mosquito mob. During the Summer months, mosquitos become a nationwide pandemic. While we prefer not to refer to the presence of any living thing in such terms, no one can argue that at best mosquitos are a nuisance, and at worst the carriers of sickness. Check out these 3 holistic mosquito repellents to protect yourself from the mob!

Lime and Cloves

lime and clove mosquito repellent We have to give credit to our Indian friends for this one, who have shown admirable resourcefulness despite the easy temptation of aerosols and chems. The logic is simple: mosquitos search for food by smell. The powerful bond of clove and lime produces a scent that is not only pleasant to us, but also protective of our own. Perfect for evenings on the water, pool days, and campouts.


garlic mosquito repellent What better reason to bring more garlic into your life?! While much of our attractiveness to mosquitoes is based on genetics, the sulfuric compounds we emit when consuming garlic are not enjoyed by mosquitoes either! Next time you have a slice of vegan pizza, mince a fresh clove and keep your skin safe.

Peppermint + Lavender

peppermint lavender mosquito repellent Fight headaches, insomnia, AND mosquitoes with this delightfully fragrant combination. Often found in essential oil forms, peppermint is a naturally powerful insecticide, while the strong and pleasant scent of lavender is repulsive and overpowering to mosquitoes. This is our favorite solution, considering the variety of options available - candles, oils, teas, and even as themselves in your garden.

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