3 Holistic Natural Sunburn Remedies

3 Holistic Natural Sunburn Remedies

3 Holistic Natural Sunburn Remedies

July 4th and we're in the thick of the Summer heat! It's the time of year to gather with friends and family outdoors, catching rays and enjoying the company. Sadly, with many festive summer days come the inevitable challenges that face us - dehydration, insect bites, and worst of all... sunburns. Bordering anywhere from substantial inconvenience to serious injury, sunburns can be benign but compile into serious health issues over time, or in the space of one day. Here are 3 holistic natural sunburn remedies to apply to your mishaps.

Oatmeal Paste

oatmeal paste Oatmeal paste is made by simply grinding oats and combining with water for a soothing paste. Similarly, oats can be dissolved in bath water for a calming soak. Finely ground oatmeal is sold as "colloidal oatmeal" in drug stores, can be found in many sensitive face masks, and is just another to get more out of an affordable staple ingredient.


Witchhazel is found in almost any natural aftershave or acne treatment. Its extract in liquid form is a powerful astringent - tightening the pores and soothing the skin. Apply witchhazel at the apex of the burn 3-4 times a day to reduce inflammation and cool itching.

Baking Soda

When treating a sunburn, the importance of ph balance cannot be overlooked, though it so often does. To balance the ph levels of burnt skin and accelerate the healing process, many doctors and naturopaths alike recommend a cold compress of baking soda and water for a few minutes a day.

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