3 Organic Pesticides for your Garden this Summer

3 Organic Pesticides for your Garden this Summer

3 Organic Pesticides for your Garden this Summer

Pests are real, even for vegans

And it's sad but true. Not every animal is welcome at every moment! However, with so many of us trying for more sustainable living, a home garden is a great way to get the ball rolling. Regardless of our harmony with nature, it's no use to have an herb garden if something eats them before we do!

Have you seen the news in Southwest Florida?

Every year, runoff from Lake Okeechobee is dredged artificially and sent east and west, rather than its natural watershed into the Everglades to the south. The result has been devastating, with the effects at a fever pitch in 2018. We all want thriving, beautiful gardens but how do we protect our food, and our oceans? Here are three great options to keep your garden safe, and affordable!

Neem Oil

neem tree oil pesticide organic Also known as the "Indian Lilac," the Neem tree and its oils have long been used by Indians to ward off pests. Neem also works well for dental and dermatological hygiene. This extremely bitter oil can be mixed with warm water and converted to a fully organic spray on that Monsanto should be jealous of! Grow your own, or for a quicker fix purchase the oil and get to work!

Citrus Oil

organic pesticide gardening citrus Citrus oil and its cousin, citronella are powerful compounds used to ward off preying insects. Particularly effective indoors, citrus oil can be applied to areas of impact in the kitchens and bathrooms to keep pesky sugar ants at bay. Add some cayenne powder to a mix of 10 drops of oil and warm water and fortify your home!

Eucalyptus Oil

eucalyptus oil many uses organic gardening One of the most delightful scents on Earth, the primary snack for koalas and now a powerful pesticide! If you're anywhere south of the Arctic, you've likely had a run in with a wasp. The more malicious and less productive cousin of bees is enough to break up a conversation and send a pool party scrambling for cover. Thankfully we can protect ourselves (somewhat) from these aerial snipers. Eucalyptus oil is a useful product to keep around for many reasons. What better than to watch your back while you tend to your fruit trees!

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