3 Overlooked Hurricane Preparedness Tips

3 Overlooked Hurricane Preparedness Tips

3 Overlooked Hurricane Preparedness Tips

By: Anthony Carriuolo, Chief Operating Officer Hello! Hurricane Irma struck our home base less than a month after the launch of Planet Protein. As a native of Fort Lauderdale, I've experienced my fair share of hurricanes. A few months later I wrote a blog detailing a few less known but very important tips on hurricane survival. In light of another ongoing storm season, here are three more overlooked hurricane preparedness tips to stash in your mind for the future!

1. Trim back branches and foliage

downed branches from hurricane No, don't cut down the family oak tree with the tire swing you've enjoyed for years. But, when looking at the larger plant life on your property, specifically deciduous trees, cut back some of the more manageable branches if possible. Be sure to avoid accidents - never operate power tools or climb trees without the proper training or support. If you or a team can manage to reduce the outward profile of your larger tree life, gusts will have less to pick up, and therefore less to hurl into the neighborhood.

2. Reduce/Drain bodies of water

Watersports are obviously a popular theme in the Southeastern U.S. With more warm weather, there are more pool owners, outdoor events, and activities on the water. Often, just a strong rainstorm can bring someone's pool to the brink of overflowing. When it comes to manmade bodies of water like pools, ponds, fountains, and whatever else my adorn your property, reducing the water line will yield essential room for the rains to fall without any artificial flooding. This also ties into the next tip.

3. Be Ready for Mosquitos!

mosquitos While this might be a year-round requirement for most of us in the south, it's especially important to be mindful of mosquitos during the aftermath of a hurricane. Regardless of the traveling pace of a hurricane, sheets of rain are to be expected. Mosquitos breed in standing water, and don't need much space for a thriving colony. While mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile Virus are rare, the odds of being bitten up all over are pretty high. When fighting back against mosquito infestations, do your best to use eco friendly methods, protecting your home with citronella and other natural means.

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