3 Reasons to Eat in Season

3 Reasons to Eat in Season

3 Reasons to Eat in Season

We've always been told to eat seasonal produce. Why? Well it tastes better, looks better, is more abundant, and feels right.

However, eating seasonal produce is better for you and the planet than you may have previously thought!

Here's 3 undersold reasons to keep eatin' in season

It's Way Better for the Environment

Food tech makes it possible to eat our choice of produce all year long, but should we? Farming that doesn't adhere to USDA Organic guidelines may likely be incorporating methods that are damaging to the environment, and our bodies.

In many ways, eating seasonally is as important as eating organically, as many of the same damages inflicted upon agriculture and our communities are shared by conventional, out-of-season crop production.

Seasons are Natural Catalysts for Biodiversity

Mother Nature is often more powerful than we give her credit for. So much work is done naturally through the forests, oceans, and winds. Forests ignite and burn, our oceans continue to gift us with much of our oxygen, while animals too are deeply dependent on the biorhythm of seasonal change.

When you eat in season, you too are aligning your body with the earth, participating in a more sustainable, natural form of consumption, rather than continuing to work against her.

Quality Assurance

Understanding the benefit of organic, seasonal produce is as simple as knowing what happens to fruits and veggies when they are picked!

The longer a fruit has to last, and the further from its natural season it is, the more preservation must occur. This of course, means that your conveniently out-of-season fruit basket may be full of preservatives, insecticides, GMO's, and more. In season fruits and veggies ensure the highest nutrient quantity, safest farming practices, and best possible quality.

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