3 Sustainable Green Gadgets You Should Check Out!

3 Sustainable Green Gadgets You Should Check Out!

3 Sustainable Green Gadgets You Should Check Out!

Let's reinvent the way we see tech!

It's easy for the eco-conscious to view technology and modernization with a skeptical eye. However, innovation in many cases has led to a cleaner planet, not a more wasteful one. While we should all be aware of the companies we support and the impact our dollar has, get excited and try these

Food Huggers

A new way to preserve your fruits and veggies, these funny looking rubber caps come in varying concentric sizes. For as long as we've known, plastic bags, tin foil, and stretch wrap have been the staple for storing partially chopped veggies.
Have half an onion, yucca, apple, eggplant? Try these simple storage solutions (the triple 's'!) to take plastic out of your fresh drawer.


The Lifestraw is the type of invention that reinforces one's faith in humanity. A powerful emergency preparedness tool, it's been highlighted in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. While not perfect (what is?) the straw is super lightweight and affordable. The Lifestraw filters 99.99% of bacteria, parasites, and microplastics!

USB Lighter

In our time on earth, we've seen more people than ever become conscious of waste, recycling, and litter. To this day, much of the litter found can be traced to cigarette consumption in the form of butts, plastic wrapping, packs, and discarded lighters. While this rechargeable (what?!) lighter may not stop people from smoking, it can effectively replace your handheld fire sources in the home. How cool is that?

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