3 Vegan Keto Foods found everywhere

3 Vegan Keto Foods found everywhere

3 Vegan Keto Foods found everywhere

3 Vegan Keto foods found everywhere

Have you heard of the “keto diet?” It’s caught on around the world, with many espousing the benefits of “ketosis” or the desired state of being the keto diet centers around. The keto diet eschews the heavy carb load that many vegans are accustomed to, making this hybridized diet a challenge to subsist from. However if done properly, the fat burning advantages can be astronomical. Here are three easy, abundant foods to get your vegan keto diet kickstarted.


macadamia nuts vegan keto

Nuts are a must for every lifestyle. For vegans, and particularly those choosing vegan keto, nuts are a front line staple. Nuts often contain protein, key nutrients, and most important to the vegan keto diet — plenty of fat. For those looking to abstain from the consumption of subprime animal fats, nuts are the prime option. Nuts also find their way into vegan cheeses, raw burgers, and woven creatively into many exotic recipes.


avocados vegan keto

Avocados have become the official Sunday snack food, with widespread application spanning everything from upscale brunches to football parties. Whether spread on toast, mashed into guacamole, or used in whips, desserts, and even smoothies, avocado’s light taste and creamy texture give it unmatched versatility in the vegan keto diet. Full of antioxidants, grab one and be inspired!

Full Fat Tofu

vegan keto full fat tofu

It is just as it sounds — a brick of soy protein, this time with full fat. Tofu is a staple in the vegan diet, particularly delicious when steamed or fried in pan-Asian dishes. Pressed tofu also finds its way into the world of vegan seafood. For a vegan keto friendlier version, check out the full fat variety. This similar product offers a bit more creaminess and of course, more fat to sate the macronutrient needs of your diet choice.

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