4 Benefits of Peanuts

4 Benefits of Peanuts

4 Benefits of Peanuts

4 Amazing Benefits of Peanuts

Most everyone (who doesn’t have an allergy) loves peanut butter. Whether it’s on a sandwich or by the spoonful, there are so many ways to enjoy this amazing legume. We once watched our CEO Brenden go through an entire jar of peanut butter in less than two days. When we say we love peanut butter here at Planet Protein, we mean it. It wouldn’t be surprising if we found out Brenden’s blood type is PB+. It’s not only delicious but it’s actually really good for you if you get the organic, all natural peanut butter made only with peanuts!

Plant-Based Protein

peanut protein The humble peanut packs a lot of protein for such a little guy. About 25% of the calories comes right from protein. There’s 38 grams of protein per cup of peanuts. 1 cup of peanuts might seem like a lot but if you bring them to snack on throughout the day you’ll not only stay satisfied but you’ll also sneak in a punch of protein

Vitamin and Mineral Rich

Peanuts have a lot of vitamins and minerals that most people don’t know about! Peanuts contain vitamin E and one of the highest natural sources of biotin (hello healthy skin, hair and nails). They also have copper, which is a trace mineral. Being deficient in copper and other trace minerals can lead to health problems such as heart disease

Heart Healthy Fats

Along with trace minerals, peanuts also contain other heart healthy properties. Peanuts are high in fat but they are the good fat. They contain polyunsaturated fats which has been shown to lower bad cholesterol in the body. Having the combination of healthy fats and vital vitamins makes peanuts a heart healthy snack option.


Reservatrol This is the most exciting benefit of peanuts. People who eat peanuts regularly might look younger than those who don’t! Peanuts have the same antioxidant that makes red wine healthy, Resveratrol. This antioxidant helps prevent the body from aging by reducing your risk of cancer and heart disease. The next time someone scolds you for eating your peanut butter, tell them that you’re just lowering your risk of disease!

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