4 Brilliant Vegan Junk Food Innovations

4 Brilliant Vegan Junk Food Innovations

4 Brilliant Vegan Junk Food Innovations

Happy Holidays!

To all of those reveling in the green revolution, *wink wink* we're happy to offer four of the coolest vegan junk foods we've come across in our recent travels. While we could've chosen some of the most decadent yet unhealthy vegan food out there, we put a little more thought into this list. Enjoy below, four of the most innovative vegan junk foods we're proud to see on more and more shelves.

Mushroom Jerky

mushroom jerky Mushrooms are all the rage these days. We would know! These magical healing buttons are finding their way across every section of our grocery stores. From the explosively popular kombucha to our everyday meals, mushrooms offer a diverse selection of uses, tastes, textures, and nutritional benefits. Among our favorite mushroom based innovations is mushroom jerky. For those looking for a cruelty free snack to replace their go-to trail selection, the naturally chewy and fibrous mushroom offers a perfect jerky-like texture and flavor absorption to replace animal products. Mushrooms and seasoning... is it even junk food?!

Dessert Hummus

dessert hummus Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. Seriously. We did, and we had no more reason to be weirded out. When you think about it, mashed chickpeas have a largely flavorless composition, but a very desirable texture. This leaves the door wide open for innovative flavor inclusions, such as the relatively recent dessert hummus entry to the market. Now it seems many of the major companies offer a sweet complement to this Middle Eastern classic.

Moringa Puffs

moringa puffs Vegan Rob's moringa puffs are an incredible way to replace the puffed up cheesiness we enjoyed on our couches as kids. Little did we know that what we were eating was an absolute travesty. Enter Vegan Rob's moringa puffs - a superfood driven alternative to cheese doodles that's every bit as delicious. They're an affordable way to reverse an addictive detriment into a useful, satiating, superfood snack.

Aquafaba Meringue

aquafaba meringue For those who are unaware, aquafaba is the liquid refined from the cooking and straining of chickpeas. This thick liquid is perfect for whipping into froth for everything from latte's, cocktails, to the base for meringue. Aquafaba is another recent entry into the vegan food spotlight, but this once afterthought of an ingredient is abundant and pliable for a growing of drinkable and frothed desserts, cocktails, and baked goods.

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