4 Major Sources of Vitamin E

4 Major Sources of Vitamin E

4 Major Sources of Vitamin E

Check out these 4 Major Sources of Vitamin E!

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient found in many foods. It is fat soluble, and primarily acts as an antioxidant, protecting the body and ensuring the immune system stays strong. Vitamin E is especially important to those in urbanized environments, who are exposed often to environmental free radicals such as air pollution, smoke, along with the many viruses and illnesses that pass deftly between those in close proximity. Vitamin E is essential in long term blood vessel health, and in conjunction with Vitamin D has shown through clinical study to prevent and protect against the onset of Alzheimer's and Dementia. So where to start? Check out these 4 Vitamin E rich foods ahead!

Vegetable Oils

There are many types of vegetable oils and many aren't so great for us. Be wary when choosing the oil you wish to cook with. Understand the nature of the fats that comprise it, avoid anything GMO or inorganic, and try not to over rely on them for cooking. Try sunflower, safflower, and soybean oils.

Wheat Germ

Before the onset of the massive fitness nutrition industry that we're part of, bodybuilders relied on simple solutions like wheat germ to bring them the nutrients their bodies craved. Wheat germ is a time tested, classic way to fortify your diet with Vitamin E. Add it to whatever!

Nuts and Seeds

If you've read our blogs before, you may have seen nuts and seeds make repeat appearances on what you should eat for _. It's no secret as to why! These are two of the healthiest forms of food in the world, and an essential to the vegan diet, where healthy fats and key minerals can be found in abundance. It just so turns out that Vitamin E is found here too! Take an extra handful of the mixed nuts next time!

Green Leafy Vegetables

The same could be said for these too. Just eat 'em! Vitamin E helps the body work well with Vitamin K, which is found abundantly in kale and assists in blood clotting. Since Vitamin E works to form red blood cells and widen blood vessels, a solid relationship between these two vitamins ensures adequate protection against bleeding wounds and open, healthy blood flow.

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