4 Reasons to try Reishi Mushrooms

4 Reasons to try Reishi Mushrooms

4 Reasons to try Reishi Mushrooms

4 Reasons to try Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi or "Lingzhi" Mushrooms, are known colloquially as the "Mushroom of Immortality." Its significance to Chinese medicine dates back thousands of years. Reishi mushroom can be found in some health products, supplements, and extracts in the western world, where it is seeing increased consumption as a top shelf superfood. Here are 4 reasons why reishi mushrooms live up to their nickname, and why you should try this immortal superfood!

1. A Natural Mood Elevator

benefits of reishi mushroom mood

Who doesn't like to feel good, and be happy? In a study conducted on neurasthenia patients, who suffer symptoms of fatigue, irritability, and headaches - patients reported improvements in energy and mood. The positive impact reishi has on the bloodstream may be also be linked to raised cognitive function.

2. Anti-Cancer Properties

benefits of reishi mushroom white blood cells

Cancer is still, sadly, one of the most pervasive causes of death - especially in the western world. Controlled test tube studies have shown that the presence of reishi mushroom extract have led to the deaths of cancer. Multiple studies have shown that reishi increases the activity in white blood cells, improving the quality of life of cancer patients.

3. Immune Boosting Power

benefits of reishi mushroom immune system

Perhaps the most well-cited benefits of reishi mushrooms. Many of the cancer fighting qualities impact the immune system, and vice versa. Reishi have been shown to stimulate the activity of "natural killer cells," which serve as the elite white blood cells most responsible for fighting cancer and infection. In addition, reishi's reduce the pathways for inflammation in white blood cells - an all around powerhouse!

4. Blood Sugar Control

benefits of reishi mushroom blood sugar

Good news! Chocolate Magic is sugar free. With blood sugar regulation among the benefits of reishi mushrooms, our protein powder is among the best for those with glycemic issues and sugar sensitivities. With so many high sugar and artificial junk food options in our way, reishi is a great way to treat blood sugar and hypertension issues. Ready to feel the difference? Try a bag of Chocolate Magic! Click here to shop.

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