4 Sustainable Gift Wrap Ideas

4 Sustainable Gift Wrap Ideas

4 Sustainable Gift Wrap Ideas

Gift wrap doesn't need to be a waste!

Too often the holidays bring the cynics out of the environmental movement. We're here to say that the world's of holiday gifting and sustainability don't have to be at odds! Often the gifts we give can bring tremendous improvement to one's life, including through their carbon footprint.

But what about the wrapping?

Chemical coated paper, microplastics, stringy ribbons and more wind up in the trash, and invariably somewhere between here and our oceans.

Check out these 4 eco-friendly options for a sustainable season!

Use Nature for Bows and Pompoms

Nature is a year round gift shower, giving us all manner of sustainable ways to enjoy life. The microplastics and chemicals that go into bow and pompom production are almost always landfill fodder. Replace that holiday garnish with something natural, like a decorative pine cone or even a sprig of local flora.

Reuse Gifted Bags

Not everyone will be thinking eco-consciously when buying and wrapping gifts. We'll almost invariably receive a fancy, decorative card stock bag, with glitter, felt, or who knows what else. These bags are just as pretty the second go 'round as their first. Flatten, save, store, and reuse!

Newspaper Wrapping

This is too easy and too cheap (free) to not enjoy! It's quite simple. Take the old paper (grocery stores chuck them by the hundreds) and wrap it up!

Bonus points for using the colored comic section.

Get Crafty with Brown Bags

These lunch bags pictured here are a simple way to adorn an old paper bag with a bit of holiday cheer. For those of us who shop at grocers with brown paper bags, the opportunities are endless. Cut and flatten the bags and line with stamps, marker, twine, or whatever else comes to mind!

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