4 Vegan-Friendly Hotels to Accommodate Your Next Vacation

4 Vegan-Friendly Hotels to Accommodate Your Next Vacation

4 Vegan-Friendly Hotels to Accommodate Your Next Vacation

With the growing popularity of vegan food, the world is slowly catching up to the dietary demand that the lifestyle requires. While there aren’t yet many 100% vegan friendly hotels in the U.S., many hotel restaurant menus feature plant-based dishes that are sure to satisfy any palate. Check out four of the best locations below.

The Best Vegan-Friendly Hotels in the U.S.

Park Lane Guest House

Austin, Texas The grounds of Park Lane Guest House are an economical fairytale where charm and serenity are in ample supply. You can rent out a beautifully built private cottage or tour their organic garden. Each morning, a friendly staff member delivers a freshly made vegan breakfast right to your door.

The Old Wailuku Inn

Maui, Hawaii Hawaii is the quintessential tropical paradise, and the Wailuku Inn follows that theme. Their private property features spacious, luxurious rooms that will be as hard to leave as the rest of the island. Wailuku even offers Aveda care products, which is a critically acclaimed cruelty free brand. Furthermore, the hotel’s high-quality vegan dishes feature locally grown food, so you can book your visit at Wailuku with peace of mind.

Ye Old Manor House

Elkhorn, Wisconsin Tucked serenely away in a remote location, the Manor House boasts a vintage exterior and modern values. They also provide economical toiletries and are very eco friendly. Food is a top priority at the Manor House, and their vegan items are certain to impress.

The Stanford Inn

Mendocina, California You will find The Stanford on many lists—and for good reason. They value respecting the land that the hotel is built upon, and they want each guest to experience every facet of what surrounds the inn. Their exemplary resort is a dream come true for their visitors, and their thoughtful vegan meals are an experience in themselves.

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