4 Ways the Lunar Cycle Affects You

4 Ways the Lunar Cycle Affects You

4 Ways the Lunar Cycle Affects You

4 Ways the Lunar Cycle Affects You

The moon has long been a source of mystery. Despite our ability to observe, and reach the moon, its impact on humanity and the natural world only deepens our wonder. While many of these studies have not conclusively shown proof by causation, the parallel between lunar activity and our bodies is observable, and widely accepted by medical professionals.

The Kidneys

body water in the organs A 2011 Journal of Urology study found that during full moons, the pain from kidney stones increased substantially. In general, according to English researchers, hospitals experienced more urological emergencies during the full moon phase. On the contrary, the new moon seems to have a relaxing effect on renal pain. A popular theory is that since so much of the human body and our organs are comprised of water, it's possible lunar activity impacts us in the way it does the tides, with pain ebbing and flowing.

Heart Performance

heart performance A study published in the Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research found that our heart performs a shade better during full and new moon cycles. While again, the study has no causation, only correlation, it's clear that the human heart responds to lunar cycles much like the rest of us does.


fetus in the womb In astrology, the moon is considered female. Throughout history, the moon has been associated with female fertility. While there is not yet conclusive proof, Japanese and Italian researchers discovered a substantial increase in births during the full moon phase. The relationship between childbirth and lunar activity is yet to be defined, but it may help medical professionals better prepare to support the needs of their patients.


emergency room A notable 2011 study by the World Journal of Surgery found that 40% or more of medical personnel believe the full moon effects human behavior. In this study, emergency calls across all conditions increased by 3%, while decreasing by 6% during a new moon. A 9% swing is a substantial change between moon phases.

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