5 Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

5 Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

5 Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

We try our best to do our part to protect the planet. That's why we ship our packages in post-consumer boxes and paper tape #PeaceOutPlastic ️

If you want to help us protect the planet further, here are some ways to reuse our cardboard box packaging or other boxes!

1. Reuse for When You Ship!

Put our cardboard box aside to use for your own mailings.

You can dedicate a spot for this in your homes such as an office or garage. The trick here is to not get overboard: Only keep a handful, and reuse the rest in other ways (see below) or donate them. Did you know in the USA, UPS accepts boxes back for reuse, along with bubble wrap and other packing materials? How awesome!

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2. Craft Making

No need to buy paper materials for craft time with the kiddos! Keep the boxes around for some fun, and even repurpose them for school projects. Some fun objects a box can be turned into: a camper playhouse. a chic handbag, your cat's dream home, a washer, a dryer, a grocer's shopfront, a gas pump, or even a stool! Check out this video for more creative ideas.

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3. Garden Bed Starter

Full of carbon, cardboard can serve many purposes for a garden! It creates a great starter for new beds, helps reduce weeds, and can help protect weak or young plants from elements, among many other uses. Carbon combines with nitrogen in the dirt to create healthy, nutrient-rich soil in which plants can flourish.

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4. Compost Material

Cut the cardboard into strips or tear it into pieces and put them into your compost as brown matter (or carbon additions). The box will break down in the compost pile and turn into nutrient-rich humus for healthy soil.

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5. Rejoice! You Can Send Us Back Your Empty Chocolate Magic Bags Using Our Box!

Send us back your empty Chocolate Magic bags = you receive Planet Points! We created a FREE internal recycling program for our packaging as a way to keep our protein bags out of the landfills. When you send us your empty bags, we send them to specialists who turn the bags into community picnic tables, benches, and other objects! Click here for more info about our Zero-Waste Program & Planet Points.

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