Add These Zero-Waste Stores to Your Bucket List!

Add These Zero-Waste Stores to Your Bucket List!

Add These Zero-Waste Stores to Your Bucket List!

While most travels and trips are at a halt due to the pandemic, now is a time to perfect that bucket-list of yours! We have created a list of our favorite eco-stores to visit. Some are in the U.S. & are road trip accessible, while you might come across the others on a destination vacation! Either way, we hope you get to experience these sustainable destinations. 🌿

1. Shop Conscious Space

Fort Myers, FL

This shop is incredible! It's your one-stop-shop for all things zero-waste, thrift, bulk foods, local jewelry, apothecary, supplement needs. If you are looking to reduce your waste, this store can help you do just that. Get refills on bulk items in your own containers, stock up on sustainable products, chill out and listen to some music while enjoying bulk cacao, or even rent a thrifted book and learn about permaculture and wild-foraging. Bring in your jars to refill dish soap, conditioner, bulk teas, superfoods, herbs, etc. The store owner, Cathy, is a passionate minimalist who is knowledgable about permaculture, herbalism, fermenting, healing, thrifting, building, etc. Ask her about her lifestyle!

2. The Collective

Des Moines, Iowa

THE COLLECTIVE is more than just a store. They create a community of sustainability where all are welcome no matter where you are on your journey. Go by any time to say hello to our friend Jamie & ask any questions you have about sustainable living!

3. Zero-Waste Bulk

Waterloo, Ontario

With the increasing amount of waste society produces, Zero Waste Bulk is here to help people change the way they shop. They make it easy to be vegan, local, organic, plastic-free, palm oil-free, and package-free whenever possible! They offer bulk nuts, seeds, beans, dried fruit, grains, flours, pasta, spices, teas, coffee, cooking oils, soaps, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and laundry detergent. They encourage you to BYOC (Bring Your Own Container) to fill! They have many locally made products including Ontario-grown produce, fresh bread, vegan ice cream, chocolates, hummus, nut milks, kombucha (on tap!), kimchi, soaps, and handmade cosmetics! Some other items include reusable safety razors, bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel straws, reusable menstrual products, and reusable produce bags.

4. Zero-Waste Bali

Badung, Indonesia

Zero Waste Bali has over 500 organic (and some non-organic) healthy food and eco-products... plastic-free! This is Bali's 1st bulk food store offering an online ordering, convenience store, delivery and refill services. They focus on supporting the local community of suppliers and artisans with some import specialty items.

5. Tare Market

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Did you know that the average American generates over 4 pounds of trash per day? And that the methane gas released from the rotting trash in landfills warms the planet 86 times more than carbon dioxide in the first two decades it is released, before turning into carbon dioxide itself? And that the average plastic bag is used for 12 minutes and can then take up to 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill? And that only 9% of plastics used actually get recycled? Tare Market makes sustainable living convenient and accessible to all people, so as a community we can decrease our environmental impact stated above. They focus on providing accessible options for plastic-free, eco-friendly, and as-local-as-possible lifestyle products, bulk shelf stable foods (in our future permanent location), and refillable liquids.

6. Minimal Market

Las Vegas, Nevada

Minimal Market was created as an education center to help the collective raise environmental awareness! They offer everyday alternatives to disposable, wasteful products in order to change the way we live and secure a more sustainable future. They host meet ups, events, and their store is in the cutest tiny house! They really do inspire others to reduce, refuse, reuse, recycle, and to live simply and thoughtfully.

7. Locavore

Central Oregon

Locavore focuses on educating, cultivating, and celebrating local farmers & ranchers! They are abundant with organic produce from the farmers that they support year-round. They even have a year-round farmers market! For bulk goods, they have bulk grains, pastas, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, snacks, peanut butter, and more.

8. Sustain LA

Los Angeles, California

Ok, this spot is SO COOL! Sustain LA is an epic zero-waste, but that’s not all. They have event rentals so there is no need to go out and buy a bunch of stuff you’ll have to deal with later! They offer a selection of affordable service ware rentals. For your next office party, networking event or intimate gathering, rent from Sustain LA, forget the disposables and save the planet! They are also sustainable event planners. They offer site visits, vendors, design details, rentals, permits, insurance- all the while keeping the process fun, sustainable, and exciting.

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