Art Gone Zero Waste: 3 Incredible Artists turning trash into beauty

Art Gone Zero Waste: 3 Incredible Artists turning trash into beauty

Art Gone Zero Waste: 3 Incredible Artists turning trash into a masterpiece

There are few sights more encouraging for our planet than seeing trash turned into something beautiful. Whether that’s new resources, functional materials, or in this case — art, there are some incredible minds behind the zero waste movement, making a difference through making something beautiful.

Check out these 4 artists who are making the most out of our mistakes.


Iri5 does the Beatles

Known as Iri5, Erika Iris Simmons crafts the likenesses of celebrities from recycled cassette tape. It’s really one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a while. She’s unraveled everyone from Kurt Cobain, to Bob Marley, to Michael Jackson. Her incredibly accurate detail emerging from a single, monochrome medium is an impressive testament to the level of creation that can stem from upcycled materials.

Belen Hermosa

the perfect chair to tune out in

Designer Belen Hermosa created this sturdy modern chair from nothing but recycled cd’s and support framing. Hermosa “spins” zero waste, retro tech and modern style into one beautifully functional piece. It looks pretty comfortable to say the least!

Ann P. Smith

Ann P. Smith is renowned for animal inspired sculptures rendered from discarded electronics. In one of the prime examples of zero waste art serving a role reversal from pollution to beauty, Ann Smith often reclaims electronic waste that is ill suited for a landfill. Her “robots” include birds, horses, sea life, and more!

Paul Villinski

soaring from the waste bin and onto your wall

Paul Villinski is the son of an Air Force navigator and an avid pilot of small single engine aircraft. He’s been creating works of this scale since the mid 1980’s, most well-known for his large, cascading wall-mounted works featuring butterflies made from aluminum cans. His works often feature a sweeping, soaring motif and include birds and aircraft as well as his famous butterflies.

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