Boost your Testosterone! 3 Natural Ways

Boost your Testosterone! 3 Natural Ways

Boost your Testosterone! 3 Natural Ways

3 Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

Let's face it, if you're a guy, it's on your mind. So much of what we do ultimately boils down to our natural instinct to find partnership, to be our best selves, and serve as the primary physical vanguard of civil society. Everything that is masculine - our sex drive, our physique, the things we enjoy and the games we play, tie into our testosterone, or the male sex hormone. Low T is one of the major concerns in medical science, now impacting young men as much as it has the aging and elderly. It seems on every channel there's now a commercial for ED, enlarged prostate, or some ancillary male reproductive problem. Testosterone isn't just about sex, or how strong we can be. It governs much of what makes us men, and a healthy balance surely goes a long way into how we look and feel about ourselves. So check out these 3 natural ways to boost testosterone and see what you can change!

Minimize Cortisol (The Stress Hormone)

Cortisol, or the home known to induce stress, anxiety, depression and more, work in a seesaw like fashion with testosterone. This is why, in many cases an overworked or exhausted spouse is affected in ways that are not visible to the partner. It's not just the pace of work or the demands some of us sustain, it's at the very hormonal level. Sudden increases in cortisol can massively depreciate testosterone levels. There are entire websites dedicated to the management of stress, so how you go about it is on you, but reducing stress is a sure way to maintain healthy testosterone levels.

Exercise Often

This one's also a given, but it's something we need to consistently cultivate in our lives. Often when our motivation subsides, the first thing we lose to depression or exhaustion is our healthiest habits. This usually starts with exercise and diet. While we can't expect perfection and we should give ourselves the ability to fail and learn from it, exercise is the catalyst for change, and the key to a consistently healthy daily routine.

Sleep Well

While our sleep is normally counted in hours, the quality is every bit as important as the quantity. Research what will help you sleep better. Acclimate to your surroundings and adjust if needed, using the tools at your disposal to maintain deep sleep. Whether that be blackout curtains, melatonin, or a few extra pushups and a nice shower, there is nothing that replaces good sleep.

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