BPA In Protein Powder: A Growing Concern

BPA In Protein Powder: A Growing Concern

BPA In Protein Powder: A Growing Concern

BPA In Protein Powder: What We Know

Protein Powder, at its most basic usefulness is to provide a concentration of vital macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Protein shakes are often enjoyed before or after strenuous activity, or in place of a meal due to whatever life throws at us. Because protein powders are supposed to provide a powerful nutritious punch at the times we need it most, the cleanliness of these products is incredibly important. In recent years, major consumer advocacy organizations such as Consumer Reports and The Clean Label Project have brought protein powders into the spotlight as one of the most concerning products regarding impurities, and even contamination. Regardless of the type of protein, the brand, or even the ingredient makeup, all protein powder companies in one way or another are advocating for the same purpose: to improve & elevate your physical and mental wellness. This is part of why choosing the wrong protein powder without the proper research can have such negative effects on us. In this post we'll discuss BPA (bisphenol-A) and its known hormone disruption qualities, along with the danger it may pose in your protein powder.

What is BPA (Bisphenol-A)

BPA is a synthetic compound that is an important addition to many single use plastics. It has seen incredibly wide usage in many consumer products such as water and baby bottles, lining canned foods, sporting equipment and even DVD's. It is know for its transparency and incredible durability. While it may have prevented a few shattered sodas over the years, the impact on our environment has been tremendous. For this article, however, the hormone disrupting qualities of BPA will be brought primarily into focus, and the negative impact it has on your health.

What is a hormone disruptor?

A hormone disruptor is also known as an endocrine disruptor. These are chemicals that can interfere with any bodily process utilizing hormones. BPA is a xenoestrogen, meaning it mimics the presence of estrogen when it enters the bloodstream. Unhealthily elevated levels of estrogen can cause massive health problems, especially in women. In 2015, The Endocrine Society released a statement tying hormone disrupting chemicals to problems like obesity, female and male reproductive issues, prostate and breast cancers, thyroid issues, and much more. The most important growth points in our lives are in the womb, and through puberty, and it is during these times that birth defects manifest, neurological disorders can be cultivated, and our physical development twisted.

How does BPA wind up in protein powder?

BPA is a synthetic compound, so unlike heavy metals leaching into your protein powder, BPA is a byproduct of human activity. The oversized hard shell containers that many proteins are commonly found in are created with BPA as an important precursor. This material easily leaches into the powder, especially when in transit or when stored above room temperature. Hormone disruptors, along with hormone injections into livestock who produce whey protein, have had major adverse affects on public health. We are only beginning to wrap our heads around the potential damage BPA and hormone infusions have imparted on our physical form. The millennial generation is likely the final experiment before these types of chemicals are curtailed. With Chocolate Magic, and any of our products, you'll never have to worry about BPA.

How can I avoid BPA?

Ditch the single use plastic as much as you can! This is especially prevalent with items such as water bottles and food storage, which are used daily and come in frequent contact with your skin and bloodstream. After eliminating as much BPA as possible from your consumption habits, consider enjoying superfoods that cleanse the blood such as reishi mushrooms and cacao to further balance your endocrine system. There may not be the cure-all perfect answer now, but for a healthier planet and a healthier you, it is tantamount to remove as much BPA from your life as possible, especially your favorite vegan protein powder.

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