CBD Uses and Benefits

CBD Uses and Benefits

CBD Uses and Benefits

CBD has grown exponentially in popularity and found its way into the mainstream over the last few years. Brands are jumping on the bandwagon and infusing CBD into practically everything. They’ve got oils, lotions, coffees, candles, skin care, candies and more.

However popular CBD may be, many are still unclear on what exactly CBD really is!

So what is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound from the cannabis plant. It’s naturally occurring and unlike THC it’s NOT a psychoactive, which means it won't alter your state or get you "high".

Many cite CBD for it's incredible ability to lessen anxiety and calm nerves. Some even use CBD to calm their animals during storms or long trips. The list of uses and benefits are long and vast.

Here's just a few of them :

1. Pain relief

Because of the fact that CBD is not a psychoactive, it may be preferable to traditional pain management means. It allows healing without the risk of dependency and many have found it very effective for those exact reasons.

2. Reduction of anxiety and depression

"A small 2010 study found that CBD could reduce symptoms of social anxiety in people with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Brain scans of participants revealed changes in blood flow to the regions of the brain linked to feelings of anxiety." In this study, participants reported feeling better and it was also found that the CBD even had an effect on how their brains responded to anxiety.

3. Reduction of acne

CBD oil is widely known for it's anti-inflammatory properties. Acne is an inflammation problem and when treated with CBD it's possible to have a positive result. Many skincare brands use CBD in their products to help combat inflammation and acne.

4. Improved sleep

CBD is believed to interact with receptors in the body, including receptors that govern your body's sleep and wake cycle. Many report better and deeper sleep when they use CBD products.

5. Alleviation of cancer related symptoms

As previously stated, CBD is known to help manage pain. CBD is also known to help stimulate appetite and combat nausea, both of which can often occur in cancer patients.

6. Reduction of risk of diabetes

Another benefit of CBD's anti-inflammatory properties is it's ability to possibly help offset the risk of diabetes, an inflammatory condition.

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