Coconuts for an Eco-World

Coconuts for an Eco-World

Coconuts for an Eco-World

Who else loves coconuts?!

We do! We use coconuts in our Chocolate Magic not only for flavor but for all of the amazing health benefits such as:

- MCT's

- B vitamins

- vitamin C - vitamin E

- high fiber

- electrolytes

- natural sweetener

- hydrating

The world is realizing how amazing the benefits of coconuts are, but it is always important to keep the health of workers and the planet in mind while expanding this industry.


The Pros of Coconut Farming:

- Economy: The growing demand for coconut products are increasing the need for supply, which in turn is giving job opportunities to people living in areas of the world where coconut trees can be planted! - Harvesting Method: Coconuts are harvested without the use of machinery = reduces the impacts of these machines on the environment. - Manure: Coconut trees benefit from the application of manure & compost in the early stages of growth. This promotes the local community to compost and creates organic manure to give coco growers. - Cover Crops: There are specific plants and herbs that can be grown at the base of the tree that benefits both parties (woohooo, permaculture inspo!)

coconut farming

The Cons:

- Pesticides: While growing coconut trees doesn’t require the application of harmful pesticides or herbicides, some farmers do use them to decrease diseases and pest. - Transportation Methods: Coconuts require transportation to get to your location. Buy local if possible for you! - Biodiversity: Farming in mono-culture always goes back to the choice made by the farmer. Mono-culture is not necessary! Some farmers will focus on quantity over the environment, so it is important to support ethical farmers. - Water Usage: Like many other crops, water from rivers and lakes is sometimes diverted to coconut farms. ethically sourced

What You Can Do as a Consumer:

- Buy organic! We ONLY use organic coconuts in our Chocolate Magic. Buying coconut products that are certified organic helps ensure that the local ecology and farmers aren't put at risk from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. - Research the companies you’re buying coconut products from to find out whether or not it is ethical. - Make sure you’re properly disposing of any containers or packaging in the most sustainable way. And seek to reduce packaging where you can! - If you are loving the coconut smoothie bowl trend like us, make sure you are getting coconut bowls that are ethically sourced. For example, the coconut bowl in this picture above is from hurricane debris!

chocolate magic, coconut bowl

A note from the organic coconut company we work with ~

"We work on an exclusive basis with farms near our production facilities throughout India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. It is our mission to ensure that mutually rewarding trade exists with our farmers and that their families, villages, and new generations share in the worldwide growth of the coconut industry. We have implemented socioeconomic programs to help educate villagers in giving back to their own communities, and we support their efforts by paying them more than fair prices for their products. Quality coconut products come with equal happiness, from farm to village, to producer!"

fair trade

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