Does Chocolate Magic work for a keto diet?

Does Chocolate Magic work for a keto diet?

Does Chocolate Magic work for a keto diet?

Does Chocolate Magic work for a keto diet?

With the popularity of the keto diet rising once again, many vegans find themselves in a dilemma if they're seeking ketosis. It's long been a joke that to survive on the vegan keto diet one would need to eat nothing but walnuts and avocados.With so many carbs in the plant based world, keto dieters continue to struggle finding quality vegan options. 

Enter Chocolate Magic...

It is increasingly common to see vegan supplements in the hands of omnivorous dieters. Non-Vegan professional athletes may still consume animal products, but when seeking their sports nutrition see the cleanliness available in the vegan industry is undeniable. 

For most, for a serving to be "keto friendly" it is widely accepted that anything above 5 grams of carbohydrates is too many to stay below the usual 50 gram per day threshold. While many vegans may have their disagreements regarding the role of carbs, we accepted the challenge of providing a vegan protein powder to the low carb, keto friendly crowd. 

Sugar Free!

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We never use "natural flavors" and sugar alcohols to build flavor through our products, so the challenge to bring something sugar free and delicious to the table was another hurdle to overcome. While some vegan protein powders remove sugar in lieu of chemicals, we discovered that the same touch of organic stevia was enough to keep the flavor on point without any sugar!

Balancing Protein and Fats

While there are vegan keto dieters and low carb focused, a super majority of those adhering to the keto diet are omnivorous dieters with a heavy emphasis on animal protein. While we never encourage the consuming of animal products, Chocolate Magic provides the protein to fat ratio to balance your macronutrients regardless. Many high protein foods have a near 1:1 fat to protein ratio. Chocolate Magic can even the scales without the carbs.

Vegan Strong, now keto friendly!

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The evolution of Chocolate Magic presented us with another echelon of innovation - to formulate a sugar free, keto friendly protein powder that doesn't rely on sugar alcohols or "natural" flavors to bring its taste to life. We're thrilled to provide 24 grams of the cleanest pea protein, fermented quinoa sprout, and chia seed protein the world can offer.

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