Easy Ways to Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Easy Ways to Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Easy Ways to Live an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Creating a positive impact on the Earth doesn’t have to mean overhauling every aspect of your life. Pursuing a greener way of living is always admirable, and making even the simplest changes can create a ripple effect of good in the world. With these easy ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, you can do just that.

Start a compost bin

Compost bins are spectacular for two reasons—first, they reduce first waste drastically, and second, they help your garden bloom to new and better heights. Whether you pick up a compost bin at the store or make your own DIY version, your plants and the Earth will be happy you made the switch. Best of all, you’ve already got everything you need to create an awesome compost—simply add food scraps to reap the rewards.

End meat consumption

Something as simple as a dietary change is the easiest way to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Eating copious amounts of meat contributes to the sheer amount of space used for livestock—not to mention the amount of harmful greenhouse gases that livestock puts into the atmosphere. It’s not about making a huge lifestyle change and cutting out all animal products; even just participating in Meatless Mondays can make a difference.

Volunteer in community clean-ups

By blocking out time every few weekends, you can do a whole lot of good. Take part in your community’s local cleanups to make a real difference in your community. Doing so will not only help remove litter from the streets and parks, but also have a ripple effect on keeping our water clean.

Bring your own bags to the grocery store

You may own a canvas bag or two, but all too often, we fall into the bad habit of forgetting them at home and using plastic bags instead. Make bringing your own bags to the grocery store a habit you always stick to. If you happen to forget them, simply buy some or choose the paper option instead of plastic.

Frequent local thrift stores—and donate, too

Looking for a new, fun outfit or some nice clothes for work? Rather than hitting up your mall, start out by going to your local thrift store. You can often find clothes that are just as nice at a fraction of the price; plus, buying used pieces of clothing helps keep them out of landfills. Be sure to donate your clothes you no longer wear, as well. There’s no shortage of great thrift store finds, especially if you’re willing to take your time perusing the store.

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