Eating For A Healthy Spirit

Eating For A Healthy Spirit

Eating For A Healthy Spirit

Today humans have reached a stage where we can no longer intuitively understand what foods are right for us.

Our culture is bombarded by ‘food-like’ substances that our biology doesn’t recognize and is incapable of breaking down. As a result, most of us are in a state of constant physical stress brought about by poor nourishment.

And it’s impossible to get to the higher rungs of spiritual evolution in a body that is stressed out and devoid of adequate nutrition.

You Are What You Eat

‘You are what you eat’ may be cliche, but once in a while it’s important to stop and consider the wisdom in this saying.

The food you eat is made up of individual cells, just like the individual cells that make up your body. This food is broken down into the tiniest particles and then reconstituted in your body where it actually becomes a part of the cells that make up your body.


We’re not just talking nutrition here; the food you eat literally becomes your body over time.

Spirituality And Food

A healthy spirit can only be experienced when we are in sync with the universal heartbeat and feel the interconnectedness of everything around us. And we have been given this body (our vessel) in order for us to be able to experience existence in all its different shades.

But if the body is rife with disease or in disharmony with the rest of nature, we begin to vibrate at a lower frequency. And by doing so we stunt our spiritual growth and are unable to move beyond the realm of the physical.

A balanced physiological state can help facilitate spiritual growth by allowing us to experience optimal health.

And the easiest way to enter this state is by consuming a plant-based diet.

Why Plant-Based

In order for a true spiritual revolution, the world must move toward a more plant-based lifestyle. And here are a few reasons why a plant-based diet and spirituality go hand in hand.

  1. Higher Energy Levels

Our bodies were designed to break down and absorb the nutrients in plant foods, meaning that the nutrition offered by plants is easily utilized by the body.

Digestion is the most energy-consuming process in the human body, and by consuming plant foods you optimize the energy spent during this process.


Animal products, on the other hand, are difficult for the body to break down and actually drain its energy stores. And lower energy levels directly translate to lower vibration and a weaker spirit.

  1. Pure Nutrition

Animal products are obtained through cruel, inhumane, and oppressive methods. And no matter how ‘clean’ meat or dairy may be, the act of harming or killing an animal for food poisons the spiritual health of the food itself.

If that sounds too esoteric for you, think about how milk is ordinarily obtained.

Dairy cows are mistreated for years, being artificially impregnated and having their babies stolen from them on a regular basis. They’re stressed out, afraid, and heartbroken and treated like milk machines, to be spent ruthlessly till they are unable to produce milk.

Aside from the chemicals and antibiotics that are a part of dairy products, do you think that the milk obtained in such a cruel fashion is healthy in a spiritual sense?

Spirituality is about compassion and recognizing the oneness in all living beings. Consuming a product that is obtained by harming another being is antithetical to everything spirituality stands for.

  1. Live Foods

Ancient Indians recognised that every living thing was brimming with an energy that indicated their life force, or ‘will to live’. They termed this energy ‘prana’ and it is believed that plant foods retain their prana for nearly 4 to 5 days after they are harvested.


Meat and dairy are devoid of this life force. Think about it, a steak may be both juicy and filling, but once it’s in your body it’s nothing more than a lump of dead, rotting flesh. Sounds like something that could actually undermine the liveliness and health of one’s spirit.

  1. Healthier Planet

We’re saying it again only because it’s so important - spirituality involves recognising the interconnectedness between all living things and knowing that the choices we make affect everyone and everything around us.

And it’s been proven, time and again, that plant-based foods are a lot healthier for the environment than animal products.

Animal agriculture is responsible for large scale deforestation, global warming, ocean dead zones, species extinction, and habitat loss.

When your food choices are the cause of chaos and suffering in the world your spiritual health suffers as well. 

Eat Your Way To A Healthier Spirit

Meditation, yoga, lifestyle changes, and certain activities can help raise our spiritual vibration and make our lives more fulfilling and wholesome.

But what we consume determines the state of our bodies and prepares a strong base for us to be able to receive higher spiritual understanding.

By keeping our bodies spiritually healthy, we create a conduit through which the infinite energy of the universe may flow, flooding us with a clearer understanding of what it means to be human in this vast world.

So eat well and switch to a plant-based diet if you haven’t already! Good luck and good health to you.