Father's Day 2019: 3 Amazing Animal Dads

Father's Day 2019: 3 Amazing Animal Dads

Father's Day 2019: 3 Amazing Animal Dads

Happy Father's Day! This past month we looked into some incredibly dedicated animal moms. Today we feature the dads in our lives putting in the time and raising the future. Check out these 3 incredible animal dads and the impact they have on their families.

Mountain Gorilla

mountain gorilla Also known as the "Silverback" due to its steely posterior coat when mature, the mountain gorilla is one of the fiercest protectors of family in the world. The role they play in enriching the family is one that humans could draw inspiration from. Not only are they renowned for their chest beating, hard charging, and sometimes deadly defense of their families, they are also key during the weaning phase. They assist the young in acclimating and socializing during their juvenile years.

The Arctic Wolf

arctic wolf Arctic Wolves, like most, function in packs. The fathers in arctic wolf families are very attentive and protective of both their mate and offspring. The arctic wolf defines the expression "it takes a village," with the whole pack working together to raise the young. Males guard the den and hunt for food, ensuring the continued survival of the pack.


seahorse giving birth These tiny aquatic stallions do everything differently. Seahorse fathers take their role a step further than most any animal dad on earth. Seahorse dads are responsible for giving birth! Male seahorses have a pouch for the female to deposit her eggs, at which point they are fertilized and born within a little less than a month of gestation. Has your Dad felt the Magic? Fuel him up right and shop for him here!

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