Five Fun & Eco-Friendly Trash to Treasure Art Ideas

Five Fun & Eco-Friendly Trash to Treasure Art Ideas

Bin to beauty projects are an excellent way to take the old and create something new. More people are trying to introduce the forgotten “R’s”—reduce and reuse—into their home life. Many leave the reducing and reusing to recycling facilities and forget that creating an eco-friendly and stable environment starts at home. Trash to treasure art ideas do exactly that: They create a fun way to reuse old products. Take a look at our 5 trash to treasure art ideas to bring an eco-friendly attitude into your home.

Bin to Beauty Ideas

  1. Mason Jar Vase
There are so many ways to decorate mason jars to fit your style. Whether you use jars that used to be salsa containers or pick them up cheap at a thrift store, they offer a tasteful way to hold common household items. Wrap old fabric around them, and suddenly you have a beautiful homemade vase for your backyard flowers.
  1. Tin Can Organizer
All you need for this is a piece of wood and some old tin cans, and with a little crafting you’ll have an excellent way to organize your kitchen. You can wrap the cans with old newspapers or old fabric, but either way this is an awesome trash to treasure idea that looks tasteful in the kitchen.
  1. Rags to Rugs
Whether it’s old t-shirts, old sheets, or old unused fabric, there’s always something you can make with these materials. The best thing about these rugs is that they look much more complicated than they are!
  1. Recycled Color Wheel
This is a great one to do with the kids! Have them search for different items throughout the week in all different colors. At the end of the week, put the items into colorized piles and spread those out on a white poster board. Hot glue on a color scheme of your choice and let the masterpiece hang up within your home.
  1. Brown Bag Place Mat
If you haven’t hopped on the fabric grocery bag fad, here’s a way for you to reuse old brown bags. You deconstruct the bag, cut it into strips, weave the strips, and paint them a color of your choice! It’s simple enough and definitely eco-friendly—just make sure to use eco-friendly glue and paint, too.

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