Fresh Fruit Spotlight: The Sapote Family

Fresh Fruit Spotlight: The Sapote Family

Fresh Fruit Spotlight: The Sapote Family

Fresh Fruit Spotlight: The Sapote Family

A major benefit of these hot, humid, and sometimes difficult to bear South Florida summer's are the fruits that fall from the tree this time of year. As the only subtropical climate in the United States, South Florida is privy to fruits and veggies largely exclusive to Mexico, Central, and South America. Thanks to our natural gifts and our many cross-cultural influences, we've been fortunate enough to enjoy fruits from the Sapote Family. While that name may sound like a rival family from The Godfather, these creamy, scoop-able fruits are like pie on a tree. Here are three of our favorite sapote fruits that you can't miss out on any longer!


eggfruit close up

Eggfruit is also known as the canistel, or yellow sapote. It carries a yellow-orange tone on both the skin and flesh of the fruit, with a notable large sapote-style pit often offset from the middle of the fruit. Shaped like its name, eggfruits are a creamy, custardy natural masterpiece.

Black Sapote

black sapote fruit Chocolate Pudding, anyone? An even creamier, silkier version of the eggfruit, the black sapote is another scoop and score! Enjoy this green-skinned, chocolatey goodness right from the spoon! PS - it tastes an awful lot like Chocolate Magic pudding ;)


mamey sapote fruit A spectacular, SoFla special, mamey sapotes are the ultimate expression of that pie-in-a-shell masterwork that mother nature was generous enough to gift us. Mamey has a similar texture and anatomy to its cousins in the sapote family, but a pumpkin pie taste! While expensive, these delectable treats are something we hope everyone gets their hands on.

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