How Nutrition Shakes Can Save Your Day

How Nutrition Shakes Can Save Your Day

How Nutrition Shakes Can Save Your Day

Nutrition Shakes: Breakfast in a Glass

"Eat like a king for breakfast, a queen for lunch, and a peasant for dinner." Humans are naturally diurnal, but that doesn't mean some of us aren't "morning" or "night" people. Regardless of how you rise and get your day going, one thing nobody can argue with is the value of a good smoothie. Whether for indulgence or pure nutrition, a smoothie is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to kickstart your day in the space of a single glass.

1. The freedom to buy in bulk.

Buying in bulk is the wisest solution for long term financial longevity. If you can't avoid producing a little waste for your purchase, buying the bigger size takes some of that material out of the equation. In particular, buying a full banana box from a local farm stand is one of the best combinations of value, waste reduction, and local business support. Banana's are one of the easiest grab-and-go snacks and among the most caloric of all fruits. In many ways they're the natural match to our bars and serve as the base for dozens of smoothie choices. When they get too old, move 'em to the freezer! Buying bulk, organic, and plastic free fruits, veggies, and nuts is easier than ever - with options at both your supermarket and local farm stand.

2. Cutting down on the dishes.

Nothing says efficient like a breakfast in a glass, hence the title. Smoothies are among the most enjoyable marriage of value and flavor, a major theme of our bars. We set out to bring form and function together into a single bar from day 1, and that same convenient, powerful nutrition inspired our love for all things smoothie related. What's better than clean plant based nutrition with not even a handful of dishes?!

3. Buying ripe and ugly.

Visual stimuli is such a big part of being human, that we forget little things - like the fact that misshapen fruits have the same flavor and nutrient profile as their cosmetically attractive counterparts. These "ugly" fruits are sometimes available at a reduced cost due to this. In addition, buying ripened fruits is one of the best ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, support a local business, and have plenty of fruit for your blender. If you can't blend it all, you can freeze it right away. These overripe fruits are also available at a cut rate price, which helps your bottom line as much as the farmers.

4. Low cost decadence

Remember the joy of having a sundae as a kid? Wouldn't it be a blessing for a dairy free, low sugar, nutrient rich option to be out there? It most definitely exists, and not exclusively in the freezer section of your local grocer. It's very simple to blend frozen fruits and vegetables, most commonly bananas, into a nice cream sundae that's the perfect guilt free dessert. Nice cream, especially blended at home is a budget friendly, easy vegan recipe for abundant flavor and powerful nutrition. Hint: try it with Chocolate Magic!

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