How to Easily Begin Living a Vegan Lifestyle

How to Easily Begin Living a Vegan Lifestyle

How to Easily Begin Living a Vegan Lifestyle

So, you’re thinking about living a vegan lifestyle but need a little motivation and a few tips to get you started. We understand completely: the change can seem daunting for most. Don't worry! In today's world the information and support are at our fingertips. Here are some ways to stay on course and keep at it.

Stay Positive

Stay focused on why you’re making this change. This will keep you in the right frame of mind and on the right path. This is the most important tip to remember; neglecting positively can really set you back.

Don’t Subtract, Add

Add tofu, whole grains, beans, legumes, and vegetable to your diet. Start to collect quick and easy vegan recipes that look good. Experiment with those recipes to make them your own. Switch out traditional milk for a non-dairy milk; there are a lot of options these days—such as almond milk—so find one that works for you.

Plan the Transition

Know what will work and what won’t. Start by going vegetarian and cut out all meat (including fish) and poultry. Take as long as necessary at this stage to reduce falling back into your old dietary habits. For many, dairy is the hardest thing to give up. But take it slow. You’ll eventually be able to say goodbye to cheese and eliminate diary from your diet altogether.

Know What You’re Eating

As the meats and dairy start to go away, it’s time to start reading ingredient labels. Take care to avoid foods that contain gelatin, rennet, whey powder, and other animal products. There are a lot of animal-derived ingredients, and they show up in the most unexpected places, so it may be easier to begin avoiding them one at a time.

Enjoy the Life

There’s no time limit on this transition. If it takes a single day or several months, so be it. Go at your own pace. Once you eliminate all animal products from your diet, it’s time to enjoy the health benefits of your brand-new vegan lifestyle. The world is responding kindly to the growing vegan community, so it’s easy to replace your once-favorite foods with similar-tasting vegan options.

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